The Ultimate Guide to How I Promote My Affiliate Offers

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In this post, I’m going to share my process on adding new affiliate marketing programs to my portfolio and how I promote my affiliate offers.  What I’m going to share in this post are things that I’m currently doing.

This isn’t outdated information.  These are the current methods that I’m using.

What Result I Want To Give You?

By the end of this post, I want you to understand my exact process to promoting my affiliate offers and how I add additional income streams.  You can take my method and apply it to anything you are promoting.

If you have a business, are in sales, promoting affiliate or network marketing offers, then this information is for you.

How I Promote My Affiliate Offers – Blog About It

The first step I do when adding an additional income stream or in promoting my main affiliate offers is to blog about it.  In this blog, I’ll usually write up a quick review as my first post.  I’ll mainly share why I joined or are promoting the program, product, tool, or whatever it is.

As an optional step, whenever I write a blog post I also shoot a YouTube video and record a podcast.  The main idea is to take what I talked about in the blog post and put it into video and audio form.  I have to adjust the content a little bit to make the blog fit the video and especially so with the podcast.

This may sound like a lot but I have the whole process broken down into a week-long process that I execute every week.  I also include for myself a day off where I can relax from producing, editing, and doing market research.  I’ll share more about that in a future post.

How I Promote My Affiliate Offers – Create a Sales Funnel

The second step I do when adding additional income streams or promoting my main affiliate marketing offers is to create a sales funnel around the offer.  If the offer is a tool such as an autoresponder or lead generation software, I’ll usually skip this step or something

A sales funnel is simply a capture page, bridge and bonus page, and an email follow up series.  This whole process is something I’ve learned through the One Funnel Away Challenge, the Affiliate Boot-Camp, and Lead Funnels.  These three products are all under the Click Funnels program and in the future, I’ll write up a post (podcast and video, sales funnel, and etc).

How I Promote My Affiliate Offers – Test with Traffic

My third step is to test with a little bit of traffic.  I’ll buy 100 clicks and gauge how the funnel does and then adjust.  I’ll run 100 clicks until I get at least a 40% opt in rate and then test with 1000 clicks.

My main 2 sources of paid traffic I use are Traffic for me and MLM Leads.  I’ve been using these 2 sources for years and can accommodate any budget.  At my height, I was purchasing around 10,000 clicks per week.  I stopped buying as much because I made the mistake of taking the money I was earning for other projects when I should have just kept on buying clicks.

I’ll share some more in future posts what I do with paid traffic.  If you aren’t big into paid traffic, then check out this post on how I get perpetual traffic and you’ll find out some other ways to generate traffic.

How I Promote My Affiliate Offers – Share on Social Media

The fourth step is sharing my results on social media.  I’ll share in my Facebook groups, page, personal profile, and on Linked In mainly.  I’ll also share to a lesser extent Instagram and Twitter.

Also, I’ll email my content, results, and programs to my email list.  I’m not a huge fan of social media, however it does have it’s place when promoting your content.  Pinterest is another place I share my content!

I’ll be creating more content around using social media for affiliate marketing and also Pinterest.  The main idea is to have a balanced approach and to continuously work the plan.

How I Promote My Affiliate Offers – My Ongoing Strategy

When I first got into affiliate marketing, I didn’t even know I was affiliate marketing.  I just knew I wanted to make money online.  In early 2011, I came across a video from a guy who was successful and said “you have got to get your traffic game up” and for some reason that stuck with me.

I wasn’t making any money back then, but I did know that the more people I could get to see my affiliate offers the more money I could make.

More affiliate offers and training I go through gives me more content to write and speak about.  The more content I have on the internet gives me more traffic.  The more traffic I have the more money I’ll end up making.

I started blogging back on late 2010 and the biggest mistake I have made was stopping.  I’ve watched other bloggers become highly successful and the biggest piece of advice I can give you is to start and to stay consistent.

I know this is an affiliate marketing blog, but putting out content is a huge part of the business and in fact, is the business.

The affiliate marketers who are highly successful have a large following on social media, YouTube, or have a large email list.  It’s in the numbers of people who see their stuff and buy their products.

I still get people finding me today from my old blog posts I’ve written back in 2011.  Those blog posts are short, not very optimized for the search engines, and are at the beginning of my journey when I was struggling just to make a few bucks.

Check out how I’ve done this with Power Lead System, ICoin Pro, or my Free List Building System just to get some ideas.

The best advice I can give you is to pick something to promote, create content around it, make a sales funnel, test with a little bit of traffic, and share that on social media.  This will get your foot in the door and will snowball into more affiliate products, programs, and tools to promote as your cash flow increases.

Learn how I do this process and get my perpetual traffic plan as a result.  Get my 3 day email course by ~clicking here.~

Until next time!

Rob Fraser

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