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In this post I’m going to share a bit on my secret traffic exchange strategy that works, or as I like to call it, the Boost your Leads and Cash plan (or the BLC plan).  That’s simply a play on words from the four programs that I use to build my email list, capture leads, and to start getting daily traffic and bitcoin using traffic exchanges.  Traffic Exchanges are a part of my overall daily online traffic getting plan.  I will also share that this traffic exchange strategy takes about 30 minutes per day.

What Result I Want to Give You?

By this end of this post, you will have a good understanding of my traffic exchange plan and will be able to implement it yourself.  I have quite a few people asking me “where do I start” or “where you would send a new person” and this post and plan is it.

Each of the programs below are free to join and you can get started on this strategy today (again for free).  I will also share that each of these sites below have upgrades but they are optional.  Also check out this article on the Best Traffic Exchange List for 2022!

Leads Leap

Leads Leap (LL) is the first stop and is the first place we will start.  I can’t say enough good things about Leads Leap.  It took me a bit to fully get into LL, but the more I use it and started to dig into it, the more I fell in love with it.  Check out my newest Leads Leap overview and see why I consider it one of the best free affiliate marketing systems.

Leads Leap is a capture page builder, sales funnel creator, traffic source, and so much more.  I’m just going to focus on these 3 parts of LL.  The capture page builder and sales funnel creator are what really started attracting me to LL.

I kept seeing other marketers’ sales funnels, splash pages, and capture pages and started to really like what I was seeing.  Most marketers share their “share codes” so if you already have a Leads Leap account, you can just copy their capture pages, splash pages, and sales funnels.

I started copying and then I started editing and creating my own which is what led me to my current BLC plan!  Leads Leap has a built in tracker and the image below is from the last 30 days of following the plan I’m sharing in this post.

Success in affiliate marketing comes down to traffic and as you can see I’m a product of what I’m sharing here today.

Cash Juice

The Cash Juice plan is a simple plan that will teach you how to get 500 hits daily to your website.  We will be sending this traffic to our Leads Leap capture page.

The Cash Juice plan is a traffic exchange centered strategy that has 5 programs within the plan.  Those 5 programs are Cash Juice, Traffic Ad Bar, Easy Hits 4 U, Traffic Splash, and Traffic Swarm.

I’m not going to go too deep into my strategy here, but I will share my bird’s eye view of how I work the Cash Juice plan.  Remember all of this traffic is going to my Leads Leap capture page.

So again, Cash Juice has 5 pieces.  Cash Juice itself is a mini social media site.  I post on my “feed” daily.  Traffic Ad Bar (TAB) is the only traffic exchange that I surf daily.  In fact, I surf 25 ads daily and that keeps my site active and getting seen.  TAB sends out a daily email and I simply click the link in the email and surf my 25.

You can upgrade in TAB to any of the higher monthly subscriptions, but this is optional.  Personally, I’ve upgraded to the highest level as that gets me a guaranteed 4000 clicks per month.

Easy Hits, Traffic Swarm, and Traffic Splash are all treated as paid traffic sources.  I subscribe to the monthly Traffic Swarm membership, which is $30.  On Easy Hits and Traffic Splash, I simply log in every Friday and buy whatever amount of clicks I can afford on each platform.  You can buy 500 clicks on Easy Hits for as low as $3.95 and 1000 on Traffic Splash for as low as $7.99.

This simple plan can be customized for whatever your situation is.  My personal plan doing this gets me 1000+ clicks per day.  That’s just the levels of clicks and subscriptions I maintain.  You can easily get 500+ clicks per day without it costing you an arm and a leg!

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Traffic Boost (or ITB) is a traffic exchange, but it also pays you in bitcoin for surfing ads on the traffic exchange.  Every time you surf 10 ads, you get paid a “share” of bitcoin from ITB.  If you surf 20 ads, then you get 2 shares.  If you surf 50 ads, then you get 5 shares.

Each share is worth varying amounts of bitcoin (or Satoshi) and that’s based on the daily revenue of the ITB site.  It’s fairly simple in that you sign up, put in your Leads Leap capture page, and surf ads.  There are also TPO (traffic packages) you can buy starting from $3-5 ish depending on the price of Bitcoin, but will cover that in a future blog post.

Ad Click Xpress

Ad Click Xpress has been around a long time.  I was a member when it was called Just Been Paid and Profit Clicking.  I’m glad I logged back into my old account and saw some of the updates.  Check out my newest Ad Click Xpress Review here.

For starters, I used their Prime Advertising.  In my first 30 days using just the Prime Advertising, I generated 95 leads and 21 sign ups into Leads Leap.  Since getting those results, I had to move Ad Click Xpress higher up in my online system.  Ad Click Xpress is a traffic exchange at it’s core and works the same as Infinity Traffic Boost.


traffic exchange strategy
traffic exchange strategy



My main strategy I focus on is following the Cash Juice (or as I like to call it, the BLC) plan.  My BLC plan is essentially the Cash Juice plan plus Leads Leap and Ad Click Xpress.

My daily method of operation is surfing 20 ads daily on Leads Leap, 20 ads daily on Infinity Traffic Boost, 25 ads daily on Traffic Ad Bar, posting daily on Cash Juice, maintaining a monthly subscription at Traffic Ad Bar and Traffic Swarm, and buying weekly clicks on Easy Hits 4 U and Traffic Splash.


Next Steps


The next steps would be to click here and opt into my list so you can see first-hand how I promote this traffic plan and my primary affiliate business.

Until next time

Rob Fraser

Who is Rob Fraser
Who is Rob Fraser


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