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I have used safelists off and on over the past few years.  What’s got me looking and using them again is being disillusioned about buying solo ads.  Solo ads just aren’t what they used to be and I have been searching for other methods of paid traffic.

I will say that not all solo ads are bad and I will cover some of my lessons learned in a future post.

I will also say that safelists aren’t just paid traffic as you can work them for free and when you read the rest of this blog, I’ll show you how I’m working a number of safelists for very little cost.

Safelists may not be the best traffic in the world, using them regularly will teach you marketing.  Check out my post on if it is worth it to use Safelists in 2021 (now 2022!).  Also I’m not the only one, Check out this post on “proof that safelist marketing works” by Tim Beachum

Going back to the basics with Traffic Exchanges and Safelists.

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you will know my complete Safelist marketing strategy for 2022 and beyond.  You will also learn my safelist daily method of operation.  My daily method of operation is about 20 – 30 minutes maximum working these safelists.

What Exactly Are Safelists?

First when I say safelists or mailers, know that I’m talking about the same thing.

Safelists, or mailers, are membership sites where all of the members are marketers, and they agree to receive email ads from other marketers who are also members of that same site.  It’s like a traffic exchange over email.

The idea is to accept emails from other marketers and also send your email ads out on a daily basis.  Some of my initial problems with this method was receiving way too many emails on a daily basis and getting such a low opt in rate from my email ads.

It was overwhelming and frustrating to get 100’s of emails a week and to also log into each safelist and send out my emails on a daily basis.  When I first opened my accounts with most safelists, I put in 2 emails.  1 email was my primary email and my 2nd email was where I wanted my ads from other members of that safelist to go.

Now, I use the same email as my primary and to receive ads.

The idea is to read emails, and you get credits for reading emails.  Those credits can be then applied to your own account where you can send out emails based on the amount of credits you have.

Most safelists sell credits, or you can accumulate them by reading emails.  Buying credits is relatively cheap, but I’ve found that using Viral Mailer Payday and Traffic Zipper (which I cover further down in this blog) makes accumulating credits very cheap and it doesn’t require too much time on a daily basis.

Below are 3 resources that I use to make my safelist marketing easy, time efficient, and, in my opinion, highly duplicable.

safelist marketing daily methods
safelist marketing daily methods


ListHoopla is one of those websites where you can choose from the best safelists to mail to and not waste your time with the rest.  Listhoopla is free to join and is a great place to find a solid list of safelists to mail to.  In my opinion, ListHoopla can be a little beefy for the beginner.  I use ListHoopla for their paid traffic service.

Viral Mailer Payday

Viral Mailer Payday is a tool I use to speed up my surfing and reading for credits process.  My safelist strategy is relatively cheap.  I don’t usually buy credits from any of the safelists that I’ve joined because I’m using the Viral mailer tool to quickly read multiple emails for credits.

Traffic Zipper

Traffic Zipper is a tool I use to email multiple safelists at one time.  Instead of logging into each safelist individually and sending out your email, which can take a considerable amount of time, I log into my Traffic Zipper account and only have to send out one email through my back office there.

I recommend Traffic Zipper for the beginners because it’s easy to log into one “back office” and email mulitple mailers (safelists) without getting too overwhelmed.  You can also get started with just using the recommended safelists that’s already listed in the TZ back office.

You can join TZ, refer others to it, and when people join TZ or the recommended mailers in the back office, you will get credit for it.

Safelist Marketing Daily Method of Operation – Strategy

Every day, I try to email out my safelist ads anywhere from 5 – 7 am during the weekends and during the weekdays around 9 – 11 am depending.  These aren’t hard and fast rules, but I generally like to keep it to those times.  Early during the weekends and closer to the afternoon on the weekdays.

Whenever my schedule allows I “surf and read emails” 2 times per day.  If I have a few moments in the afternoon and then again after the kiddo goes to bed.  I will read 10 emails for 10 rounds total.  I will read 10 emails for 5 rounds in the afternoon and then do the same thing in the evening.

The best thing I can share is to not go too crazy with surfing these emails for free credits.  I do it for 10 rounds and keep it moving.  I don’t buy credits unless there is a lifetime options with something like with Herculist or Leased Ad Space.

Safelist Marketing Daily Method of Operation – Next Steps

The best thing I’d share is to create a daily method of operation that includes safelists and to just execute.  I share my strategy and have found that I average 500 clicks per day and anywhere from 1 – 20 leads per day.

This is worked along-side of my Traffic Exchange, Solo Ads, Content marketing, and social media marketing strategies.  Safelists along with Traffic Exchanges are the easiest places to start getting traffic from.

My best results have come from promoting plans of working safelists and traffic exchanges instead of businesses or tools in fact.  Some folks say these places aren’t the best places to get traffic.  I feel that these places are great places to learn marketing from.

The more I surf and read emails, the more I start to see patterns of what’s effective and what’s not effective.  What I have learned is that the marketers who do the best promote systems and plans.

Until next time

Rob Fraser

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