Power Lead System Review – List building in 2020 and beyond

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I have been a member of Power Lead System (or PLS) since the middle of 2014.  I was floundering around online and not making any money.

I came across Power Lead System before but didn’t really know what it was.  It wasn’t until I’ve come across a guy (who would become one of my mentors) a while back and the program he was promoting had 2 pieces to it.

The 2 pieces was a business and a marketing system.  The business is no longer around but the marketing system was Power Lead System and it provided it’s own income stream.

Once the business flopped, then we added a new business opportunity and plugged it into PLS and then was right back to where we were before.  This happened a couple times over the past 5 years and while businesses may come and go, PLS was the back bone that kept the income coming in.

PLS isn’t a business opportunity you should promote by itself.  PLS is a marketing system that can be used with any other business opportunity or affiliate marketing program.  I use PLS mainly to collect leads to promote my affiliate offers.

What Result I Want To Give You?

By the end of this post, I want you to have a basic understanding of the Power Lead System products and how I implement the PLS systems into my affiliate marketing.


Power Lead System

Power Lead System Review – What is it and How I Use It

Power Lead System has three ready-made built-in sales funnels that comes with it.  Free Lead System, Lead Lightning, and Power Lead System (Gold Membership).  Outside of the marketing funnels, there are 3 mid to high ticket products that comes along with PLS.

Free Lead System (FLS) is 100% free and I use this with cold traffic sources like solo ads, Bing PPC, and my content such as videos, blogs, and social media posting.  This free list building system is ideal for building a list with paid traffic.

Lead Lightning (LL) is a one-time $7 and, like FLS, I also use this with cold traffic sources like solo ads, Bing PPC, and my content.

Power Lead System (PLS) is $30 a month for customers and if you want to be an affiliate, then it’s $54 a month.

FLS, LL, and PLS are all marketing systems that allow you to collect leads and you can plug in any additional business, affiliate product, network marketing company, or any type of service such as coaching.

The extra one-time products are Free Ad Secrets, Social Profit Academy, and Master Traffic Institute.  Free Ad Secrets is a one-time $147 and provides training on using free platforms to promote your business.  Free Ad Secrets also gives $100 commissions with $25 overrides.  For my personal team members who grabs Free Ad Secrets through my link, you will also get access to my Facebook group where I teach a free social media strategy that I work on a daily basis.  I provide all the how to, scripts, and a simple posting strategy that isn’t annoying people or full of spam.

Social Profit Academy is a one-time $497 and teaches a lot on Facebook advertising.  Social Profit Academy also gives $400 commissions and $50 overrides.  For my personal team members who grab Social Profit Academy, you will get access to another Facebook group where I teach paid traffic and converting cold leads into hot buyers.

Master Traffic Institute is a one-time $1497 and provides an extensive training on generating your own traffic.  Master Traffic Institute also gives $1000 commissions and $200 overrides.  For my personal team members who grab Master Traffic Institute, you will get ongoing direct personal mentoring from me.

You will get a customized marketing plan based on your schedule, experience, available time, comfort level, and budget.  You will know exactly what to do on a daily basis to make affiliate marketing work for you.  It will be a matter of following the plan which is essentially the only thing I do.

I personally have 2 modules in the Master Traffic Institute.  Both of these modules are based on my daily method of operation that I am still currently doing today.

Power Lead System Review – Why Consider Joining

As I mentioned earlier, I use PLS for the marketing of virtually everything I do online.  The ability to copy systems and to have the room to be able to customize.

When I first started, I copied systems from my mentor using his share code.  Once I started to get my own results, I went on to customize and create my own systems.  PLS gives you the ability to do both plug into replicated systems and to add and create your own which is what you want.

The affiliate marketing industry is ultimately about growth and leadership.  Once I started to create my own systems based off of systems that I copied (again using share codes), I started to increase my affiliate earnings.

Power Lead System Review – Tools of the Trade

The whole Power Lead System suite provides capture pages, landing pages, sales pages, training, and one of the biggest things is share codes.  Share codes are online sales funnels that you can create that you can duplicate for other people in your affiliate marketing offers.

Power Lead System Review – How to sign up

Signing up for Power Lead System is pretty straight forward.  I urge everyone to get at least a Free Lead System (FLS).

FLS is 100% free but when you use the system, you will pass up every other lead.  You may want to consider Lead Lightning as that is a one-time $7 and you don’t have to pass up any leads and get a true idea of how the system works.

Power Lead System Review – My Personal Thoughts

I personally think that Power Lead System will take you from basic Kindergarten all the way up to High School in affiliate marketing.  You can start from the basics with the ready-made funnels and progress to designing your own funnels and pages.

Power Lead System recently added a page builder where you can further customize your own pages.  I currently have online sales funnels created with Power Lead System to promote Exitus Elite and Mining City.

I plan on using PLS as long as I can and would suggest to anyone that’s serious about affiliate marketing to add this offer to your portfolio.  Grab more information about PLS here.

Until next time!

Rob Fraser

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