My Complete Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021

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I have been focusing a lot of my online marketing practices, but today I wanted to put out my complete offline marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond.  The strategies I’m going to share in this blog post are things that I’m currently doing and have gotten results from.  Keep in mind that all strategies work with continued effort.

I’m sure you have heard that quote “marry the process and divorce yourself from the results” and the same applies to online and, as in today’s post, offline marketing.

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you will learn how to apply my offline marketing strategy for your business.

Drop Cards are a part of my Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021

Drop cards are a cool little attention-grabbing card that can be “dropped” anywhere to get attention for your business.  The drop cards I use look like money folded up.  When people pick up the card, they will see my ad on the inside of it.

I get my drop cards from Print Founders and you can check them out by clicking here.

Some places I drop these cards are gas stations, grocery store aisles, gyms, laundry rooms in apartment complexes, and libraries just to name a few.  You are only limited here by your imagination.  Don’t just litter and throw them on the ground.  I place them under items in the grocery stores, in the atm slots, and shopping carts.

I also don’t go out to drop my drop cards.  I drop them as I’m out.  There is a slight difference there.  Everyday I’m out and about usually and take 10 – 20 cards each time and make it a goal to not come home unless they are dispersed.

Drop cards are something that anyone can do.

Post Cards are a part of my Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021

offline marketing strategy
offline marketing strategy

Post cards are similar to drop cards with the exception of the delivery.  Post cards are attention grabbing cards sent in the mail.  I make it a goal to send out at least 100 post cards per month.  I get my post cards from Print Founders.

Print Founders has premade post cards that you can use to promote anything you wish.

The idea here is to simply commit to sending out a postcard campaign every single month.

Matrix Pro Leads is a part of my Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021

Matrix Pro Leads is simple a place where I order my post card leads from each month.  I take the post cards I get from Print Founders and send them to my Matrix Pro Leads mailing list that also comes with convenient sticker labels with your leads mailing information.

Textbot Ai is a part of my Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021

Textbot is one of my tools that I use to prequalify leads.

I like using Textbot because it allows me to promote a cell phone number that people can text instead of always sending people to a domain online.  I personally like being able to give people the option of going to my website or having a number that they can text and interact with.

Textbot also promotes both textbot itself that will allow you to earn instant $100 commissions along side whatever other business you wish.  I personally send people who come through my textbot number to My Capture Page.

With Textbot you can also create multiple different textbot conversations to take people through.  You can create one for just your business, your business and textbot, or anything else you wish.

This can be very powerful and you can customize textbots for your offline campaign so you know that certain leads only came from your drop or post cards.

Here is Your Complete Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021– Strategy

offline marketing strategy
offline marketing strategy


Putting everything together makes this a simple process.  I just take drop cards with me out and about wherever I go.  I never leave home without them.  Once this becomes automatic, then consider adding on the post card marketing with Matrix Pro Leads.  I will write up a review on Matrix Pro Leads in the future.

This is sufficient for an offline marketing campaign.  I like having Textbot just as an additional point of contact to connect with my leads.  Again, giving people a choice between going to my domain or texting a number usually seems to get me the best results.

With all advertising and strategies, it’s best to commit and start.  Over time you will be able to see if these methods are bringing you leads or not.  I’d suggest going for a minimum of 3 – 6 months and also tracking all of your data.  You should have enough to make a decision if these methods are working for you or not by then.


Here is Your Complete Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021– Next Steps


I’d recommend grabbing yourself some drop and post cards from Print Founders.  I’m also going to be doing a write up on them in the future.  I’d also suggest grabbing a Textbot Ai account.  I’ll also be writing up a post on them in the future as well.

All of my drop cards and post cards has my textbot number and website on them.  The textbot number will bring people into my cell phone sales funnel and my website is connected to My Capture Page so when people visit that site, they will opt into my online sales funnel.  This is an important step and will allow you to follow up with your leads over and over.

To get more offline affiliate marketing ideas, head over to Offline Advertising Methods To Try – Affiliate Marketer Training for more ideas and inspiration.  I only share what I have first hand experience in doing.

If you are interested in working with me to increase your own website and advertising for your affiliate marketing business, then consider going through my 7 day Perpetual Traffic Plan email course.  You can check it out by clicking here.

Until next time

Rob Fraser


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