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Have you heard of My Capture Page?  In this post, I’m going to share how I’m using My Capture Page to get sign ups in my affiliate offers.  One of the biggest reasons I joined My Capture page was to have a simple solution to promote a couple of affiliate offers.

One thing I have learned is that the easier something is, the more sign ups and more money I end of making.  The harder something is or the more steps something has, the less money I would end up making.

I know this post isn’t about me making money.  I just share this to help you understand why I am always on the lookout for keeping things simple as possible!


What Result I Want To Give You?


By the end of this post, I want you to have a great understanding on how I’m using My Capture Page to get sign ups into my various affiliate offers.  I’m heavily promoting one high ticket affiliate marketing system and My Capture Page has ready made capture and landing pages.

From my experience, I have learned that the easier something is, the more people will join or sign up.  The harder something is and the less people will sign up or join.


My Capture Page – What is it


My Capture Page

First My Capture Page is a lead capture page software program that allows you to use highly converting lead capture pages, sales pages, an autoresponder system, and provides some marketing training.

In my opinion, it is one of the more simple plug and play systems that is robust enough to handle promoting a bunch of different affiliate programs.  You can use My Capture Page to promote any product, service, company, or program online.

I like these templates because they give me ideas, ready-made solutions, and keep my own capture pages fresh.  I have also learned that you have to keep mixing it up in affiliate marketing to keep the income coming in.


My Capture Page – Why Consider Using it


I use My Capture Page instead of replicated systems provided by network and affiliate marketing companies because marketing is about standing out.  When you join a company where there are 100’s and in some cases 1000’s of other people all promoting the same thing, having something different helps you get more attention.

Also, if your product, program, service, or opportunity doesn’t have decent capture or landing pages or if you want to stand out amongst all of the other reps or affiliates in your program, then consider changing up your marketing with My Capture Page.

I heavily use Power Lead System and Click Funnels for a lot of my marketing as far as customization, personal branding, and offer creation.  Click Funnels is more for those who want to create their own courses, brand themselves, and more of a college level marketing platform.

Power Lead System is like middle through high school as far as being able to use copy and paste replicated systems and also have the ability to start branding yourself.

My Capture Page is for the beginners who want to start making some online income.  My Capture Page also works very well with Aweber, which is my number 1 go to autoresponder.  My Capture Page also has some very good traffic resources for people who just want to build 100% with paid traffic.

I’m a big fan of paid traffic (solo ads), YouTube, and blogging.  I’m not a huge fan of social media, but it does have its place.  I will cover more of my thoughts on social media marketing in future posts.

Also check out my post on 3 affiliate marketing strategies for more info on my 3 C’s of promotion!


My Capture Page – How to implement it


Implementing My Capture Page is fairly simple.  It is a matter of plugging in your business link and assigning it a capture page and autoresponder.  I’m currently using My Capture Page with Exitus Elite, Digital Wealth Pros, and ICoin Pro.

I send solo ad and blog post traffic to capture pages in My Capture Page account.  From there the people who opt in get on my Aweber list and I email that list on a rotation using My Capture Page landing pages.


My Capture Page – How to sign up


My Capture Page Sign Up

Signing up for My Capture Page is fairly easy.  All you have to do is opt in here and on any of the landing pages, scroll all the way down to “Get a Site Like This” and click the button and create your account.

The only thing I don’t like is that you have to make sure to put who referred you to the system.  In this case, it would be me!


My Capture Page – My Personal Thoughts


I like My Capture Page because of the simplicity and ease of using their capture pages.  I happen to like the overall style.  I would say that this is a beginner type system and if you are into creating your own capture pages, sales pages, and etc, then I wouldn’t suggest using My Capture Page.

I use it as a ready made option for newer people joining my affiliate offers.  A percentage of my team members like the idea of being able to plug into a marketing system that is ready to go without having to think, work, or create anything.

I feel this way sometimes myself even after years of creating my own capture pages and systems.

I use My Capture Page for the capture and sales pages.  I still prefer to use my own autoresponder such as Aweber or GetResponse.

What I do personally is I buy solo ads from Udimi Solo Ads, MLM Leads, or Traffic for me and I send those clicks to one of my capture pages from My Capture Page.  Once people opt in, then they are placed in my Get Response or Aweber account.

I then email out my landing pages from My Capture Page to my email list depending on the day.  Monday, I email my list about My Software Business which is on a My Capture Page landing page.  On Tuesday, I send out my bitcoin landing page that’s linked to my ICoin Pro business or I share my whole complete passive bitcoin plan.

Wednesday, I may shoot out an email about Textbot AI.  On Friday, I send out my Digital Wealth Pros landing page.  On Saturday, I send out my Multiple Income Funnel landing page.  I keep this rotation going indefinitely.

I’m building one email list with My Capture Page and emailing out different offers different days of the week giving myself multiple streams of income from one system.

I highly recommend checking out 7 parts to selling affiliate products as My Capture Page provides 3 of these pieces!

Check out one of my main systems that I work with My Capture Page at this link here!

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Rob Fraser


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