Multiple Income Funnel Review – Plus Top 5 MIF Affiliates

Rob Fraser here…

I’m writing this post to share how you can learn high ticket affiliate marketing with the Multiple Income Funnel system.  I also share the top 5 Multiple Income Funnel affiliates near the bottom of this post.

In affiliate marketing (or anything else for that matter), if you get around other people who are successful, then you can shorten your own learning curve to success!

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you will learn how to do high ticket affiliate marketing with the replicated Multiple Income Funnel system and have multiple sources to go to for guidance.

Multiple Income Funnel Review
Multiple Income Funnel Review

Multiple Income Funnel Review – Is the Multiple Income Funnel a Scam

I feel a lot of people call things scams online.  Some folks use the “S” word (scam) just to create attention.  Some folks call one thing a scam so they can get attention to their business.  Some people call everything a scam online so they can promote something entirely different.

In marketing lingo, we call that “throwing rocks” at the competition.

My personal opinion is obviously on the side of MIF not being a scam.  These are mostly digital products and courses you would be purchasing within the MIF system.  You are also getting the time of the leaders going live in the Facebook groups and continued guidance and mentoring.

We are selling information in digital form.


Multiple Income Funnel Review – How does the Multiple Income Funnel Works

The whole system is designed to promote multiple streams of income all within one system.  The idea being to promote the capture pages and let the system sell the rest of the programs.

It does work like this, but it doesn’t.  What I mean is that you still have to connect with people and not just rely on the system to sell everything!  Nowadays people are more skeptical than ever especially when it comes to online programs.

Multiple Income Funnel Review – What is the Multiple Income Funnel

The multiple income funnel consists of the MIF itself, Easy 1 Up, Textbot AI, and Traffic Authority.


Multiple Income Funnel Review – multiple income funnel cost

The cost of the Multiple Income Funnel itself is either $49 a month or $399 yearly I believe.  You will save by going with the annual option.  Each of the 3 separate programs within the system have their own costs to them.

I’m just going to cover a brief overview of the 4 programs with the Multiple Income Funnel and my suggested levels to come in.

The first program is the Multiple Income Funnel itself.  I always tell folks to come in at the annual option so you have one less monthly fee to worry about.  Plus you will be positioned to earn $180 commissions every time someone else comes in at the yearly.

Second with Easy 1 Up, I suggest coming in at the Vertex Elite level ($500 + $50 admin fee).  This will give you access to Max Steingart’s Endless Free Leads training which is worth that alone.

Third Textbot AI and I’d suggest just coming in at the basic $100 level.  It’s $100 + $10 to the admin plus $25 a month if you want to accumulate and use text credits.

Lastly you have Traffic authority and to become a reseller is $20 a month.  I’d also suggest snagging Traffic Academy.  Traffic Academy teaches multiple different ways to get free traffic with a new lesson uploaded each month.

You don’t have to join at all of these levels immediately, but most people feel overwhelmed when they first get started and I live to share this just to provide some direction and give you more bang for your buck.

The training you get at the above mentioned levels will give you more than enough to learn, apply, document, and share!

Multiple Income Funnel Review – MIF Training


There is a lot of great training in the Multiple Income Funnel system.  As of the writing of this post, there are Facebook lives every Monday through Friday to help people stay motivated and get started.  Every Monday is a recorded training that gets placed in the back office of MIF.


Multiple Income Funnel Review – My Personal Strategy

Multiple Income Funnel Strategy
Multiple Income Funnel Strategy

I will share what I’ve done and what I teach my team to do.


In the beginning, I have people start with the 3 M’s.  My Capture Page, Multiple Income Funnel, and MLM Leads.  I always suggest getting the discipline of paid traffic down.

After working this level, then I’ll add on Get Response autoresponder and Click Funnels.  Get Response allows you to provide a more personalized follow up.  Click Funnels will help you convert more sales as you progress through the plan and start to develop your own success.

My paid traffic strategy is pretty simple.  I take anywhere from 20-50% of all income and roll it back into paid traffic.  You can see some of my best paid traffic sources here.

I buy traffic and send it to my capture page and a percentage of people gets on my email list.  I then follow up with those folks and over time they join!


I do a lot of blogging, YouTube, podcasting, and posting on social media.  All of this is content marketing and this gives me traffic.


Social media is also where I share a lot of my content, results, and training.  I have my personal training Facebook group where I help my personal team.  I have so many people reaching out to me saying that they saw my videos and are interested in joining.

Don’t ever be afraid to put out videos, blogs, podcasts, and to keep going even when you think no one is listening to you.

Retirement Plan

The last piece is taking 10% of all profits and putting them into my trading retirement plan.  I’ll be sharing more about our in house trading education and retirement plan in a future post.  The idea is to make money in affiliate marketing and then multiple it through trading.


Multiple Income Funnel Review – Top 5 MIF Affiliates

Multiple Income Funnel Training
Multiple Income Funnel Training


Below I’m going to share the top 5 Multiple Income Funnel affiliates along with their Facebook accounts (so you can look them up) and their YouTube accounts (so you can go learn from them).

Mike & Jess Day – catch them on Facebook and YouTube

Paulo Barroso – catch him on Facebook and YouTube

Jeff Ruiz – catch him on Facebook and YouTube

Garrett Barry – catch him on Facebook and YouTube

Joshua Elder – catch him on Facebook and YouTube

Honorable mention

Paolo Beringuel – catch him on Facebook and YouTube

The thing is if you really want to succeed with the Multiple Income Funnel, then you have to get around others who are succeeding with it.


Multiple Income Funnel Review – Next steps


If you like what you have read so far and are wanting to work with me personally, then click here and opt in!  See what I do in action and how you can model it for yourself and get some results in your business!

This is the plan I’m mainly focusing on and if this blog post is still here, then I’m still cranking along with it!

Until next time!

Rob Fraser

Who is Rob Fraser
Who is Rob Fraser



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