Learn How To Get Perpetual Traffic for Your Affiliate Marketing

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In this post, I’m going to share my perpetual traffic plan that I follow for all of my affiliate marketing.  This is the same exact plan that I’m following today and aren’t old outdated concepts.

What Result I Want To Give You?

By the end of this post, I want you to understand my exact plan to getting perpetual traffic and to know how to create an endless amount of traffic.

Learn how to get traffic to your affiliate offers
Learn how to get traffic to your affiliate offers

Perpetual Traffic Plan for Affiliate Marketing – My Strategy

Before I get into my strategy, I want to share my traffic philosophy and then you will understand why the plan works the way it does.

For perpetual traffic, I feel there are 3 main ways of getting traffic.  Clicks.  Content.  Connections.  I call it the 3 C’s of traffic.

Also, for the newer folks, when I say traffic that is simply numbers of people.  Most websites don’t do well because they can’t get enough traffic or enough people to see their sites.

Really that can be broken down into getting targeted traffic, but that will be for another post.  Following the plan I lay out will automatically get you targeted traffic and you will see how this works by the end.

So back to the 3 C’s.  You got clicks, content, and connections.  Clicks is paid traffic or ordering clicks from a solo ad or something like Bing/Google PPC (pay per click).

Content is putting out videos on YouTube of Vimeo, writing blog posts (like this one), podcasting, and posting on social media.

Connections is simply building your network online (mainly through social media) and offline (old school belly to belly).

Perpetual Traffic Plan for Affiliate Marketing – Click Funnels Training

Clicks is essentially paid traffic and a lot of the products within Click Funnels helps with creating sales funnels.  I use online automated sales funnels with paid traffic and my content marketing.

Learning how to create sales funnels, capture pages, bridge pages, bonus offer pages, email sequences and follow up sequences are all covered in the Click Funnels products.

The main products I’d recommend and have learned some of these things are the One Funnel Away Challenge, Affiliate Marketing Boot-camp, and the Expert Secrets book written by Russell Brunson (co-creator of Click Funnels).

Clicks also ties into Content as all of my content online points to my online sales funnels.  My blog (here), YouTube videos, and in my podcast I’m always referring people to click this link or go to Get Complete Freedom dot com to get on my email list and see how I do business.

Perpetual Traffic Plan for Affiliate Marketing – Wealthy Affiliate

Content is the next key.  Learning how to constantly create new content was something that happened early for me.  For some reason, I knew when I started that constantly creating content would be one the main ways to keep getting new traffic.

It took me a while to separate joining affiliate marketing programs and creating content.  When I say content, again I mean videos, blogs, podcasts, and social media posts.

My main form of content all revolves around this blog.  I’ve learned how to blog from Wealthy Affiliate and every time I create a blog post, I also create a video and podcast.  I take whatever I write about and simply convert it to a video (for YouTube) and record an audio for my podcast.

In a future post, I’m going to cover my daily schedule for affiliate marketing.  Every single week, I create a blog post, podcast, and video and am continuously promoting my old and new content.

Perpetual Traffic Plan for Affiliate Marketing – My Lead System Pro

Building new connections is ultimately what everything is built upon.  The reason we create sales funnels and content is to build our network of people we do business with and this includes customers.

Social media, especially now, is one of the best ways to create new connections.  There are right ways and wrong ways to working social media when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Some of my biggest early on struggles with social media was having a posting plan, how many platforms should I be on, what to do each day, and getting sucked into rabbit holes and wasting time.

I’ve since learned how to streamline my process and steadily grow my social media accounts while being as efficient with my time as possible.  My Lead System Pro was a huge part in me developing my daily plan.

Perpetual Traffic Plan for Affiliate Marketing – My Ongoing Strategy

How this plan keeps growing on itself is every day I make it a point to learn something new about marketing.  I apply what I have learned until I get a result.  If I don’t get a result, then I’ll go back to step 1 and learn something new.

I always learn something new by going through the products and trainings within Click Funnels, My Lead System Pro, and Wealthy Affiliate.

After I’ve learned something new and have applied it until I’ve gotten a result, then it’s simply a matter of documenting and sharing those results.

Step 1 – Learn something new

Step 2 – Apply it until I get a result (If no results, then back to step 1)

Step 3 – Document

Step 4 – Share (on social media using training from My Lead System Pro)

The three affiliate programs that I’m a part of that I talked about gives me tons of topics to create content around.  The more content I have gives me more targeted traffic.  The more targeted traffic gets me more connections, business partners, and ultimately money in my pocket.

More content gets me more traffic.  More traffic gets me more money.

What I have learned is that everyone feels that their products, services, or tools are the best.  Instead of getting into arguments and getting tons of objections about which program is the best, I simply teach how to get more leads, more money, more business partners, and more people buying your affiliate products.

Going through the various trainings and products in Wealthy Affiliate, Click Funnels, and My Lead System Pro gives me enough content for 10 lifetimes to create my own content around.

You don’t have to do all three like I do.  I’d suggest starting with what you can do.  Ask yourself are you comfortable blogging, doing YouTube, or posting on social media?  Are you ok with buying traffic and testing sales funnels?  Are you wanting to do 100% free social media strategies?

It goes back to the 3 C’s of marketing.  Clicks, content, and connections.  You may want to build just by making connections and not blog or become a YouTube star.

Reach out to me and I can help you pick a lane.

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Until next time!

Rob Fraser


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