Learn How An Affiliate Marketing Mentor Can Help You Make Money

Rob Fraser here…

“I have been in affiliate marketing for a while but haven’t made any money!”

“I’ve joined multiple affiliate marketing programs and training and feel more confused than ever!”

“I have hardly any support when it comes to this online affiliate marketing stuff!”

If you have made any of those statements before, like I have, then you have hit the right post! I’ve felt this exact same frustration and pain when I first started in affiliate marketing.

When I first started, I was lost, alone, and getting deeper and deeper into debt. My rock bottom was $102,284.74 in debt on April 30, 2015. I remember that day as I was walking around down town Carlsbad, CA and I felt prompted to sit down on a park bench and write down my debt.

It wasn’t long after this that things had started to shift for me financially.

Why should you listen to me about getting an affiliate marketing mentor?

Well, in a nutshell I was broke and struggling until I came across a mentor online who was in the exact same situation I was AND had figured out how to get out of it.

I was joining program after program, buying upsell after upsell, and going around in circles. I started learning the basics of affiliate marketing and list building, but I wasn’t building my list with leads! I had writing quite a few blog posts and had about 200 or so videos up on YouTube.

I saw a video from this guy, who became one of my online mentors, and after applying what he taught, I started generating more leads on a daily basis and started to finally make some money.  Once I got a mentor, I started to learn affiliate marketing fast and discovered different strategies!

What I learned from my first affiliate marketing mentor…

I found my first mentor about 5 years after getting started in affiliate marketing. I didn’t know it was called affiliate marketing and bounced around numerous make money online type programs. I share that to let you know where my roots are and that if I can eventually make it, then you can to!

What I had learned back then was that if I created content (blogs and videos) I would eventually start making money. The idea being when enough people land on my websites, they would buy and I’d earn some affiliate commissions.

The problems with content marketing (YouTube and blogs) is that there is a lot of competition, it takes a lot of work, and there is a chance that no one will see your stuff until you have a good amount out there. People didn’t start watching my YouTube videos until I had about 2 or 300 uploads!

affiliate marketing success

My big “AHA!”


At this point in time, I was generating about 5 – 10 leads a week with all of my efforts. After watching a short video training from my first affiliate marketing mentor, the next day I had generated over 20 leads in like 10 minutes. I was hooked and enter in another level to my affiliate marketing business.

I still believed in blogging and vlogging (YouTube), but now I had another tool in my arsenal. The new tool was paid traffic. What I didn’t know back then, that this new tool of paid traffic would soon become the reason for me being able to pay off a six figure debt within 9 months.

See my previous article on 2 Places To Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast

So now, I had 2 affiliate marketing strategies under my belt and later on, would coin the 3 C’s of affiliate marketing. Content, which is what I was doing back then, and even now with this blog and my YouTube channels.

Clicks which is paid traffic which I learned from my first mentor. The last C, I will cover in a future article.

The main idea is to get people to see your blog post and decide to opt in and subscribe to your email marketing. When you just rely on content marketing, you have those 3 problems I mentioned earlier. High competition, lots of work for little return, and no one seeing your stuff.

When I started with my clicks (paid traffic), people would get on my email who wouldn’t have found my blog or YouTube channel otherwise. This is IMPORTANT, because then I would email my list links to my blog and that would get me more people coming across my content.

This one thing, emailing my list that I built from paid traffic, allowed my leads to see my blog who would have never found it on their own! This gets me more traffic to my site and helps nurture my leads to decide to do business with me.

It doesn’t matter what the algorithm is doing, how well my SEO is, or anything because it’s just a part of my overall strategy. I’m no longer just relying on one avenue to get traffic and that my friend is the name of the game!

affiliate marketing mentor

How you can get an affiliate marketing mentor

First, if this is valuable to you please share it on social media with the hashtag “Keep Slamming Traffic” and reach out to me.

Second, if you want personal mentoring then just opt into my email list at this link here. You will be able to see exactly how I’m incorporating my blog with my marketing to get continuous traffic to my site.

You will also get access to my personal info so you can reach out at any time. Pay attention to my email marketing so you can get some ideas as well as get the link to access my mentoring!

Going to be wrapping this up for now, book mark this page, and I’ll see you on the next post!

Keep pressing!

Rob Fraser

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2 thoughts on “Learn How An Affiliate Marketing Mentor Can Help You Make Money”

  1. Mentors are people who have gone through the path you wish to undertake, they make the roughness of the road become straight and gives you a lot of teaching and coaching to ensure you are better equipped. Mentor are every where it could be on the internet or one you met face to face. Receiving their lectures will make you overcome many obstacles.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Yes, long story short I started in affiliate marketing late 2010 and struggled until 2015.  I met an online mentor halfway through 2015 and since then have been earning six figures per year as a direct result of having a real life mentor.  Income disclaimer, I’m not saying having a mentor is your magic ticket, because you do have to do your part and work hard, long, and consistently enough.


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