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Affiliate marketing is great and lucrative, but not if you can’t make any money.  I can tell you 100% as a person who has struggled for 5 years not making any money to have gone to a place where I’ve made multiple 6 figures from affiliate marketing, that learning how to market your affiliate offers is the key!

I promote various products, services, and affiliate marketing programs and courses.

One more thing I’d like to share is that while affiliate marketing is passive, it is still a people business.  If people aren’t buying the affiliate products, services, or programs that you are promoting, then you aren’t making any money.  Money comes from other people so with that understanding, know that this is a people business.  I would also recommend checking out this affiliate marketing training course.

It wasn’t until I was blessed with the idea of using three affiliate marketing strategies together, that I started making consistent money online.

3 Simple Affiliate Marketing Strategies

I’m going to share 3 simple affiliate marketing strategies that everything else hinges on.  These 3 strategies may sound super simple and basic, but all of the advanced affiliate marketing strategies revolve around these 3.

Things like joint ventures, getting other affiliates to promote your products, getting interviewed and featured on other affiliate marketers’ platforms, and etc can all be traced back to these 3 strategies.  Also getting an affiliate marketing mentor can help you further understand and master these strategies!

Contentcontent marketing

The first strategy I’d like to discuss is content marketing.  What you are reading right now is an example of mine.  Content is, but not limited to, blogging, video marketing (Youtube, Vimeo, Social Media, etc), podcasting, posting on social media, and etc.

Guest blogging, interviews, being featured on other people’s podcasts are all example of an advanced content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is free but it requires a lot of time.  Some of the downsides of content marketing are heavy competition, hardly anyone seeing or engaging on it, and the time it takes.

Some tips on content marketing.

Talk about why you got involved in affiliate marketing and what made you decide to promote your different affiliated products, services, or programs.  Do this long enough and people will start engaging on your content and ask you questions.  Answering questions with more content will produce more content, more people seeing, engaging, and asking more questions, and that will keep the machine rolling.


The second strategy I’d like to discuss is clicks.  What I’m referring to is the buying of clicks (traffic) for advertising your affiliate offers.  This is a much faster way of getting exposure to your affiliate programs.

There are many methods of buying clicks.  I’ve mostly used Bing PPC, solo ads, buying traffic through various brokers, and a little bit of Facebook.  There are so many places to buy clicks and you are only limited by your imagination here.

My biggest tips on buying clicks is to set a budget.  Make this something that you aren’t afraid to do each week.  I tell folks initially to stop drinking Starbucks and buy Walmart coffee.  Use that extra money they save for paid marketing.  Consistently doing this is the name of the game.

I’ve had people say “I’m getting a large chunk from a tax return or a bonus from work, should I put that all into paid traffic?” and my answer is always a resounding NO!!

I’d rather take small portions each week and invest into paid traffic, or buying clicks.  A small portion each week rather than a large lottery portion 1 time wins.  The idea is to be consistent and have your efforts compound over time.  Putting out content works the same way.  Thinking long term rather than short term wins!


The last strategy is contacts.  What I’m referring to here is making connections either online from your content or your social media or offline (belly to belly type situations).  Understand that in affiliate marketing, your money comes from other people buying your affiliated products, services, or programs.

Connecting with other affiliate marketers should be one of your main priorities.  I do this by commenting on other people’s videos, social media posts, and blogs (HINT HINT ???? ) I do this long enough and I start getting noticed.

We make a connection and that person may help me with something, I may help them with something, they may buy something from me, I may buy something from them, or we feature each other on your respective platforms.  (Joint venture, Guest blogging, etc).  You can learn more with an affiliate marketing training course.

Putting these affiliate marketing strategies togetherputting affiliate marketing together

As I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t until I was blessed with the idea of using all of these strategies together that I started earning consistent commissions from affiliate marketing.

The intent is to have people come across your marketing, get exposed to your content, warm up to you, and then eventually decide to participate in some of your affiliated offers.  Keep this in mind when working these 3 simple affiliate marketing strategies.

At the end of the day, people are buying these products, services, and programs you are promoting.  Personal branding, relationships, and reputation all play a part in this industry.  I wish I knew this when I first started.

Check out my podcast on 3 things I wish I knew when I got started in affiliate marketing here!

What I do?

I put out videos, blogs, and podcasts.  These work for me on the internet 24/7.  I buy clicks to build my email list.  People on my email list get emailed about different affiliate products, services, and programs.  Those same folks also get emails about my podcasts, blogs, and videos.

People on my email list then get exposed to my content.  These folks would have never seen my content had I not emailed it to them.  This get me more traffic to my content and also serves to nurture my relationship with people on my email list.

Like I said earlier, this is a people business!  Money comes from other people buying your products and services!

While all this is happening, I’m commenting on other people’s videos and blogs.  I don’t know if you can comment on podcasts just yet.  This opens the door to building relationship with other marketers.  Other affiliate marketers are more inclined to buy your affiliate products, services, and programs over a random new person.

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser



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  1. I really like your 3 super simple affiliate marketing strategies, they make perfect sense and I can see the snowball effect taking place. For me I mainly do e mail marketing and as you say they get to see all of your content which they then comment on and sometimes buy from. I’m going to give the other 2 strategies a go.

    • Thank you so much!  Yes I like to have a well rounded strategy and that seems to work best for me.  When I started, I only worked one method.  Wishing you much success!

  2. Great Post Rob. I always enjoy your content and seem to learn something new every time.
    I’ve been avoiding blogging while I try to generate leads using other sources, but your post showed me how it all “ties together” Thanks for that.


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