Is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021

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I’m writing this post to answer the question of is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021.  I’ve used safelists in the past but haven’t been super consistent at using them.  Lately, I’ve started using them again with a vengeance and in this post, I’ll share my thoughts on if they are worth using in 2021, some tips and strategies, and recommend a few to get started with.

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you will know if safelists are worth your time in 2021.  You will also learn some strategies if you decide to incorporate them into your marketing and daily method of operation.  I will also share a couple of my top rated safelists along with a tool that I use to cut my time working these types of traffic sources in half!


Use safelists in 2021
Use safelists in 2021

Is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021– What are safelists and my early experiences

Safelists are websites you can join to build your list.  I came across safelists back when I first started marketing online.  I saw a couple of other successful marketers talking about using them.  The first safelist that I have ever joined, and is still around today, is Herculist.

I’ve had consistent results when I used safelists consistently.  I will also say that traffic from safelists isn’t the best traffic in the world either!  Safelists are an easy place to start and working them will get you used to the idea of emailing daily.  Emailing your list or safelists on a daily basis is the tactic and action you should be doing on a daily basis.  This muscle memory will serve you well over time in the promoting of your affiliate offers.

Is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021 – Tracking Your Results

Tracking everything you are doing with safelists is vital to your business growth.  Tracking your individual solo ads will give you data to use to improve your emails.  A solo ad is basically a one time email blast to a safelist in this case.  Over time, you will find which subject lines and emails work the best at getting you opens and clicks.

Your best performing emails should be kept on a document on your computer called a swipe file.  A swipe file is basically a document that contains your best performing emails, headlines, sales pages, and ads.

Is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021– Strategy

The basic strategy of working these programs is to simply send out a solo ad to the safelist membership as often as you can.  You can also refer your safelist affiliate link out to get more credits to send out your emails or cash.  The more credits you have equals the more people you can reach from each particular safelist which equals more people looking at your ads.

The best thing you can do is send your email out on a daily basis regardless.  Sending out emails is a part of my daily method of operation.  I wake up and email my safelists and then email my personal email lists.

Is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021– Recommended tools

I would ensure that you have a good capture page and autoresponder system setup in place before sending your first safelist solo ad.  I’d suggest checking out how to build an email list or my free list building system.  The idea is to send out emails to the safelist and build your email list in the process.

I would also suggest grabbing a Traffic Zipper account.  I will also write up a review on Traffic Zipper in the future and will link it here.  Traffic Zipper makes it easy to manage being a  member of multiple safelists.  You can log in and check on multiple safelists when you can send out your daily ad inside of Traffic Zipper instead of logging into multiple different safelists saving you time!

Is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021– Next Steps

Now, I will say that safelists aren’t the best traffic in the world.  Most safelists are incentivized traffic.  Incentivized traffic on safelists is from other marketers wanting to get their email ads clicked on, opened, and read.

I also suggest checking out this blog on the 32 best safelists!

Most other marketers are wanting to promote their business and get more traffic, or else they wouldn’t be sending out daily emails on the safelists.  Keeping this in mind, the best thing to promote on safelists are other programs and affiliate programs that train and teach traffic.

The next step, in my opinion, would be to join a couple of safelists and to start sending out daily emails.  I’d recommend joining Herculist, Listjoe, Leased Ad Space, and My Lead Gen Secret for starters.

My buddy Edward Keyte has created a whole free marketing system called Mega Marketing Pro and he teaches how to use these safelists to get more traffic.  He has over 3000+ personal referrals into his system and safelists are a large part of his traffic and marketing strategy.

I’ve also recently come across a couple of gentleman named Frank Bauer and Colin Klinkert.  These two guys are going around and buying up a lot of the safelists.  I know Leased Ad Space specifically was created and owned by someone else but now it’s owned by Frank and Colin.

They wouldn’t be going around buying up safelists if they weren’t a valuable source of traffic and a great asset to own.  They also created a tool that’s easy to manage multiple safelists called Traffic Zipper.

You can grab your free Mega Marketing Pro system by clicking or tapping here!  I will be writing up an article on Mega Marketing Pro in the future that I will also link here.

The biggest benefit is learning how to be consistent and to also track your data from your daily emails.  Over time, you will learn which emails have better open rates, click through rates, and this data will help your email marketing when it comes to your personal email list.

The video I will post below on ListJoe talks about accumulating and tracking your data.


If you aren’t on my Perpetual Traffic Plan email list, then click here and you will learn my 7 day process for getting continuous traffic (which includes safelists).

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