Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021

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I’m writing this post to answer the question of is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021.  If you have purchased solo ads in the past, still purchasing them, or are thinking about them then this is the blog post to read.

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you will have a basic inclination on if buying solo ads is still worth it in 2021.  You will also learn my money flow and recommended testing strategy that will ensure you only end up with the best sources of solo ads.

I remember when I first started hearing about paid traffic and advertising, I got real stressed out.  I can tell you that it’s a change of thinking.  You have to think of it as having your money work for you.  In online marketing, you will either spend your time or your money.  In my case, I spend both.

Is it worth it to buy solo ads in 2021
Is it worth it to buy solo ads in 2021

Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021– What worked in the past

Way back when I first started, I didn’t know anything about marketing, sales funnels, or even what I was doing.  I just knew that I wanted to make money online.  I didn’t care if it was network marketing, mlm, helping local businesses, trading forex and crypto, or affiliate marketing.

I say all that to explain where I’m coming from in my online journey so if anything sounds too crazy or advanced, then let me know in the comments so I can clarify.

Before I bought my first solo add, I was blogging and on YouTube.  I had written about 100 or so articles and about the same with videos.  I came across a video from Che Feemster who said “you have got to get your traffic game up!”

I didn’t understand what that meant at the time, but that phrase stuck with me.

Fast forward a year or so later and I finally came across some solo ad training.  For some reason, I watched the video and put into action what I had learned.

Up to this point, I was averaging maybe 1-5 leads per week from my YouTube and blogging.  The next morning I woke up, checked my email, and I had 17 leads in 15 minutes.  I’ll never forget how that made me feel.

I just took a quantum leap ahead and have never looked back.  I was hooked.


Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021 – What is a solo ad

A solo ad is basically emailing another marketer’s email list.  In the past, you would pay for “one mailing” and split the profits earned from the ad.  Now, it’s evolved into just buying a number of clicks from other people’s email lists.  Safelists are another type of solo ad, but I will cover them in a future post.

Is it worth it to buy solo ads in 2021
Is it worth it to buy solo ads in 2021

Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021– Things started changing

I’ve noticed from 2018 – 2020, things started changing a lot in the online market place.  Solo ad vendors started selling fake and bot clicks.

The only way to find out if you are wasting your money or not is through testing, documenting, and tracking everything.

I heard this way back in the beginning, but I never actually put in the effort to log my traffic.  My mentality was as long as I kept getting sales, then keep reinvesting my profits back into more traffic.

This thinking has really hurt me over the years, but I’m finally tracking everything now and want to share my lessons learned with you.

Is it worth it to buy solo ads in 2021
Is it worth it to buy solo ads in 2021

Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021– Tracking Your Results

This is something that I wished I’ve learned earlier rather than later when it comes to buying solo ads.

One of the easiest things to track when it comes to buying solo ads and seeing if they are worth is tracking your type of clicks, number of opt ins, and initial sales.

Some more things to track are your autoresponder open rates over time.

Another thing to track is follow on sales, back end sales.

If you just get into the habit of writing or documenting everything you can down, eventually you will have a solid rolodex of traffic vendors to buy from as well as data to make smart financial decisions.

Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021– Strategy

A very simple strategy to get started with solo ads is to test, track, document, and then eventually scale when you find solid solo ad vendors.

There are a few places I’d recommend going to get some quality solo ads

Solo Ad Testimonials | Facebook



On testing solo ads

The best way to test out a new solo add vendor is to buy 100 clicks and then track what happens.  Track and document how many opt ins, initial sales, people who open your emails, and also people who click on links in your emails.

You want to get into the habit of tracking everything when it comes to buying solo ads.  The number of clicks you purchased, the amount of clicks you received, were they top tier, number of opt ins, initial sales, follow up sales, type of capture page used, and anything else you can think of.

Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021 – Recommended tools


Before buying a solo ad, I’d recommend having a good lead capture page system and autoresponder.  If you don’t have a lead capture page system and autoresponder, then check out How I Use My Free List Building System


Is it really worth it to buy solo ads in 2021– Next Steps

The first place I’d recommend you check out is my post on the best paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing biz ops.

Make sure you also have a very solid understanding on lead funnels, lead capture pages, squeeze pages, autoresponders, and email marketing before buying any traffic.

Stay tuned to this blog where I will cover my perpetual traffic plan that incorporates all of those extra things that you need to learn in order to convert online traffic.

I’d say solo ads are worth it, if you have a strong sense to follow up and construct sales funnels.

Until next time!

Rob Fraser


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