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Rob Fraser here…

You are here reading this because you want to promote your online business and in this blog post, I’m going to show you exactly how I’m promoting my online business from A to Z.

Before I get started, I’m going to share how I’m promoting my online business and am going to use my personal business as an example.  I’m going to recommend different programs and services that I’m still actively using.

I also want to share that what I’m sharing can help you promote your online business, affiliate offers, website, brick and mortar business, network marketing business, mlm business, and so much more.  The strategies and concepts are universal and evergreen.

There are my 6 vital tools that I use to promote my online to promote your online business

What is my online business?

Before we get started and as I mentioned above, I’m going to use my personal example and share my exact business.  My business that I’m currently focusing on is Exitus Elite.

I’m not going to get too into the weeds about my business, but I will say that I’ve picked it because the products are digital downloadable information that’s actually worth it’s price tag, you get paid the instant you make a sale, and they have all of the basic tools to promote Exitus Elite.

Later on, when I actually type up the Exitus Elite review for 2020, I’ll share the link here!

Promoting your business online revolves around generating leads.  There are many different ways to generate leads for your online business, but the main idea is to simply get people to see your capture page.  You can click here to check out one of the replicated capture pages provided by Exitus Elite.

Once a person sees your capture page and decides to enter in their email address, that person then becomes a lead and will get placed into your Exitus Elite autoresponder.  I don’t use the company’s stock autoresponder because I want to build my own email list and that is why I use Get Response, which is my first tool.

The next 6 tools that I’m going to share can be used to promote anything no matter what your business, product, service, or etc is.  These next 6 pieces are evergreen and I highly recommend for your online business success.

Using email to follow up to promote your online business

As I stated above when someone visits my capture page and decides to enter in their email address, that person gets placed on my email list which is housed in my Get Response autoresponder.  This happens automatically after you have connected Get Response with Exitus Elite.

This person who is now on my email list will be immediately shown my bridge page and, at the same time, will receive my very first email in my Soap Opera Series.

Check out 7 critical parts to selling affiliate products to get more information on what a bridge page and a Soap Opera Series is.

Using paid traffic to promote your online business

There are 3 C’s of promoting your online business that I like to refer to and those 3 C’s are clicks, content, and connections.  Buying traffic is classified under clicks.  Buying clicks is real simple and I buy a lot of traffic from Traffic For Me, MLM Leads, and Udimi solo ads.

I set a budget and every week I buy a certain amount of clicks.  I don’t go overboard and just stay consistent at doing this.

Branding yourself, scaling, and customizing your online business

I used to think that promoting an online business was just posting links online.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Learning how to tell your story, connecting with people who would benefit from your business, building your brand, scaling, and customizing your online business are all parts of building your online business.

Creating a website to promote your online business

Creating a website is classified under content (of the 3 C’s) and this very blog you are reading is a direct reflection of the training that I’ve received from Wealthy Affiliate.  This website will generate me organic traffic for as long as I regularly add to it.

Using social media to promote your online business

I use social media sparingly, but there are a lot of people using it heavily and getting great success using it.  I know my personality type and also I tend to get distracted when it comes to using social media, but it does has it’s place.

I’ve learned a lot from various places and will write up posts on them in the future.  Some of those places where I’ve learned about social media are Endless Free Leads, Millionaire Mentoring and Black Op Underground, My Lead System Pro, and I’ve also created my own social media course.

I’ve created my own course because I have had so much trouble with social media in the past.

Getting your mind right to promote your online business

Having your mindset right is critical when it comes to promoting your online business.  I consider mindset one of the most important pieces over anything else I have mentioned here.  If you don’t believe that this will work for you, then none of this will work.  If you don’t believe that this will work for you, then you won’t take the actions necessary to build your online business.


I dropped a lot of info in this blog post and each of these specific tools and programs can be studied for years.  The best thing is to just get started.  Find which methods work best for you.

I don’t use social media a lot but when I do, I use the training I’ve learned in My Lead System Pro, Traffic Secrets, Endless Free Leads, and from millionaire mentoring from the Black Ops Underground Training.

Social media and me is like oil and water sometimes and I know this about myself so I have to watch it.  I can get sucked into meaningless conversations and truth be told, I’m here to grow my online business.

This is why I prefer to just create content and that’s where the Wealthy Affiliate training comes in and is where I’ve gotten training on creating this very blog you are reading now.

I also prefer to use paid traffic and that is where MLM Leads comes in as one of my main go to paid traffic sources.

My online work flow goes like this, people come from my paid traffic and hit my capture page and a percentage of them gets on my email list.  My email list gets my initial email sequence (my Soap Opera Series) and after that is done, I email them different blog posts I’ve written as a way to continuously follow up with them and get new traffic to this blog.

I do the same with my videos, affiliate offers, and my social media profiles.

Well dropped a lot of info today and will be back later!

Look me up and reach out!  Click here and opt in to my email list and get access to the direct tools, that I use and talked about in this post!

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

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4 thoughts on “How to promote your online business”

  1. I really appreciate your explanation of what leads are. I’ve always kind of struggled with the term. But that is no more. 🙂

    On that note, the 3 C’s made a lot of sense. I definitely agree to the idea of social media important and sometimes terribly distracting, haha. Either way, it really got me intrigued about the teachings of your social media ways. Is there like a place you’ve posted on social media? Maybe something I can find on Wealthy Affiliate?

    But above all, I think that the last point was the most important one. By far. I feel far too many people don’t quite believe that it’s possible for them. A while back I certainly didn’t. But it would have made the path so much easier in so many ways.

    To be helpful to yourself, to your family, to your friends, to the world, you gotta be hopeful. Ultimately, it all comes down to that.

    Cheers, and have a Great One!

    • Yes, thank you for commenting.  I mostly build my social media network by making connections with other affiliate and network marketers on Facebook and to a lesser degree on Linked in.  I have a particular Facebook group where my training and that’s where I post my blogs.  I also buy traffic each week to build my email list and then I promote my blog to that email list as well, which provides me more traffic to my blog outside of the search engines.

  2. I cannot thank you enough for the wealth of the information that you have let on in this post here. It is really a good thing to know that people are ralaly willing to help others like us get started and get going in our business. Promoting my online business is definitely one thing that is a priority as an entrepreneur. I love what you have shared here and I will definitely màke the best use of this.

    • Thank you for the feedback and yes when I started, I wished I had someone to show me a simple way to execute and do business.  I’m trying to be for others what I didn’t have in the beginning!  Thank you for stopping by!


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