How to Promote Easy 1 Up Online with the Multiple Income Funnel

Rob Fraser here…

In this post, I’m going to cover how to promote Easy 1 Up online with the Multiple Income Funnel.

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you will know how to promote Easy 1 Up online using the new Multiple Income Funnel.  You will also learn my perpetual traffic plan and 3 methods of growing your affiliate marketing business.

Before I really get into the nuts and bolts of what the Multiple Income Funnel can provide in helping you promote Easy 1 Up, I want to share this post from one of my mentors and business partners Franco Gonzalez.

Franco shares some training on how to promote Easy 1 Up online for affiliates who aren’t using any other outside marketing system, page builder, or list building software.

He shares a fast start training on his site at Simple Freedom Attraction List Building.  Below are a few steps that he laid out on his site and I’m going to break down each step below

What to do next…

  1.  Login to your Easy1Up Back Office
  2.  Get Your Affiliate Link
  3.  Get Traffic to Your Link
  4.  Promote Your Link
  5.  Use Your Link as You Network and Prospect People


How to Promote Easy 1 Up Online
How to Promote Easy 1 Up Online with the Multiple Income Funnel

Promoting Easy 1 Up online with the Multiple Income Funnel – What is the Multiple Income Funnel

The multiple income funnel is a system co created by Mack Mills and consists of 5 programs.  The system itself, Easy 1 Up, Textbot AI, and Traffic Authority for starters.  In future blog posts, I will review each of these programs.

What we essentially teach here with the Multiple Income Funnel is High ticket affiliate marketing.  The same skills you will learn here can be applied to affiliate marketing in general, but to really change your life consider high ticket affiliate marketing.

High ticket affiliate marketing is the same as affiliate marketing with the exception of the commissions.  High ticket affiliate commissions (depending on who you ask) are commissions from $250 on up.  There is really no limit to the level of commissions you can get.

High ticket affiliate marketing allowed me to have my first $20,000 week online.  I don’t care who you are, if you made $20,000 in a week online that’s life changing.

Now compare that to “traditional affiliate marketing” getting $6, $20, and even $50, or $100 commissions.  How many $100 commissions would it take for you to earn a $20,000 week compared to how many $5,200 commissions would it take to hit that same number?

It took me a while to really learn that there is really no difference between promoting “low ticket” affiliate products and those that are considered “high ticket.”

Also check out my podcast episode here

How to promote Easy 1 Up online with the Multiple Income Funnel – What are the income sources

Easy 1 Up is a direct sales company that teaches people affiliate marketing.  I’m not going to get into reviewing each of these programs within the funnel and will reserve that for future posts.  I will share a little bit about each program here just so you can get an idea.

Textbot is the third program within the Multiple Income Funnel.

I like Textbot because of the simplicity and different angle from promoting a cell phone number to text instead of a capture page URL.  I’ve heard of quite a few guys having massive success using Craigslist and the Textbot feature.  With Textbot you can promote anything, but in this case I recommend sending your promotion to the Multiple Income Funnel.

Traffic Authority is the fourth program in the Multiple Income Funnel and provides tools, training, and traffic.  You can get active reseller rights for Traffic Authority for $20 per month.

You can learn how to promote Easy 1 Up online from the Traffic Academy.  You can also buy traffic packages and send the clicks right to your Multiple Income Funnel pre built capture pages.

The traffic academy releases new traffic generation methods once a month and covers social media and other methods of generating free traffic.

Understanding the 4 main pieces, now it’s time to dive into how they can work together to create a solid income plan and daily method of operation.  Affiliate marketing works when you master traffic.  Using the pieces in the multiple income funnel, you can create your own perpetual traffic plan.

How to promote Easy 1 Up online with the Multiple Income Funnel – Using the 3 C’s

The three C’s of marketing are clicks, content, and connections.  When I say clicks, I mean buying traffic (preferably from Traffic Authority).  Content is blogging, YouTube, or posting on social media.  Connections is building your connections and this can be online (again with social media) or offline.

I’ve found to get the best results, I do at least 2 of these 3 methods consistently.  Social media is my last resort and most days I’d rather work on my online real estate (my content online) as the more people see my stuff is the more I can potentially earn.

What we mainly do as affiliate marketers is strive to own as much traffic as possible.  Russell Brunson speaks about this in his Traffic Secrets book.  He shares the three types of traffic.  Traffic that you control which is traffic that you pay for.  Traffic that you earn which is done mainly through content creation.  Content creating is simply creating videos, blog posts, and posting on social media.

The goal of those first two types is to create traffic that you own.  Traffic that you own is your own email list that you can email at any time.  Which is why it’s called traffic that you own.  At any time, I can email my list and promote anything I want or get immediate traffic to anything I want.

Again, this is why we want to build our email list first before sending any of our traffic to a replicated system.

How to promote Easy 1 Up online with the Multiple Income Funnel – Social Media (connections)

How to Promote Easy 1 Up with social media
How to Promote Easy 1 Up with social media

With the programs in the Multiple Income Funnel, Easy 1 Up and Traffic Authority provide social media training.  The Vertex level in Easy 1 Up provides Max Steingart’s Endless Free Leads training and Traffic Authority provides monthly training in various social media strategies in TA’s Traffic Academy product!

Endless Free Leads will teach you how to post on social media and provide you with powerful scripts to be able to communicate with any one if they are interested in learning about the Multiple Income Funnel.  (Big hint, you will NOT be posting about the Multiple Income Funnel in order to do this!)

You have to ask yourself are you comfortable working this business on social media and if so, then the steps are simple.

Step 1 is getting the Vertex Level in Easy 1 up.  You will have to pay the one-time admin fee and also your sponsor the one-time Vertex Level fee.

Once you do that and your sponsor marks you as paid, then step 2 is logging in your Easy 1 Up back office and on the right-hand side, you will find the endless free leads products.

I suggest going through at least one training per day.  You will also learn how to find who you want to work with.  You will learn how to post on social media to generate interest in your program.  You will also learn a powerful script to use on people who raise their hand and express interest.

You will learn the 3-step process of finding who you want to work with, how to post to attract them, and a powerful script to run people through.

Network and prospecting

Networking and prospecting falls under the “connection” category and is a more active approach toward building your easy 1 up business.

This one used to be a major challenge for me.  I mostly relied on “blogging and buying” or the first 2 ‘C’s’ (clicks and content).  This would usually bring me enough business but not always.

It takes time to move someone from a cold lead to a hot buyer.  Content bridges the gap, but I was still missing a piece and that’s where growing my network and prospecting comes in.

I will say prospecting is frustrating at times for me.  Every person that I connect with online that’s a networker usually within the first couple of messages is already pitching their business.  This used to really drive me up a wall, but lately I’ve learned a more amicable way of handling this and included this in my script.

Growing your network and prospecting is a part of the game, but when you think of it as work it isn’t fun.  When you think of this as a game, it becomes more fun.  Because it is a game.

Whenever someone hits me with a pitch after 1 or 2 exchanges I simply ask “how long have you been doing xzy” “are you full time or part time” “what attracted you to xyz” “are you working with a mentor” and those 4 questions will reveal pretty much all I need to know.

If they aren’t working with a mentor and have been doing the business for a long time and aren’t full time, then I know that I can help them!

A lot of folks focus mainly on one strategy, where I like to do all of the 3 C’s.  While I may not have a huge social media following, my balanced approach keeps enough traffic coming in, enough content going out, that I build my list of connections at a solid pace.

How to promote Easy 1 Up online with the Multiple Income Funnel – Content Marketing (content)

One of the easiest ways I’ve found to build an affiliate marketing business is to simply talk about what I’m learning from the products.  In this case, from the programs contained in the Multiple Income Funnel.  I take lessons that I’ve learned from Easy 1 Up and Traffic Authority and apply them to the system here.

The more I learn and apply over time gives me more results.  Those results that I get, I then document and share.  The best places to create content are wordpress blogs, youtube, and all your social media platforms.

Check out How to do affiliate marketing with a blog

How to promote Easy 1 Up online with the Multiple Income Funnel – Paid Traffic (clicks)

How to promote Easy 1 Up with paid advertising
How to promote Easy 1 Up with paid advertising

Buying clicks from Udimi Solo Ads, MLM Leads, Traffic For Me, and Traffic Authority on a consistent basis works.  This is one of the easiest ways to build an online business.

The first place I’d recommend buying traffic is from Traffic Authority.  This creates group economics and when everyone is on the same page, then your business will grow faster.

The second place I’d recommend buying traffic is from Traffic For me

My third recommendation is MLM Leads and lastly if you have no other choice, then consider Udimi.

Buying traffic from these sites is fairly simple.  You will have to register and create free accounts with these four sites.  To become a reseller for Traffic Authority it’s $20 per month.  Udimi has an affiliate program as well but you can do that one for free.  MLM Leads has a free affiliate program but to start it you will have to buy one traffic order.  Traffic for me has a reseller program but it’s very limited and they only accept resellers on a case-by-case basis.

The cons are when you stop buying traffic the traffic also stops.

With paid traffic, I highly recommend creating a bridge funnel.  I speak more about this at the end of the post, but this is what “bridges the gap” between you, all of the other affiliate promoting the multiple income funnel, and your lead.

If you aren’t doing anything to differentiate yourself from all of the other people promoting the same funnel, then what makes anyone want to join you over everyone else.

The competition is too steep and you have to separate yourself.  Russell Brunson in his book Expert Secrets talks about email marketing, building your own “attractive character” and creating your own “Soap Opera” and “Seinfeld” series in your email marketing.

I highly recommend grabbing Russel Secrets Trilogy books as they will make you better affiliate marketers.

My own personal Multiple Income Funnel strategy and resources:

Gene Babak from Gene Babak dot com says:

To be successful with Easy 1up you need to use an automated video sales funnel.

Franco also shares that on his site where he talks a little about Vertex Lead System.  I also used to use a system called Profits Passport but due to some changes, David Dekel pulled the plug on the Profits Passport system.  This is why you should always aim to build your own email list first, in case something like this happens.

Everything I’ve laid out in this blog post I do, but I also recommend a couple of extra pieces.  I use My Capture Page and Get Response to build my own email list first.  I also use Click Funnels and the training I’ve received there to create my own “bridge funnel.”

You can use the replicated system, but after a while you want people to know who you are behind the site.  I’ve found the best success building my own email list and creating these bridge funnels.

A bridge funnel is simple a one-page site that “bridges the gap” between the cold lead, you, and whatever you are promoting as in this case the Multiple Income Funnel.

I drive traffic (advertise) my capture page that’s created with my capture page and the people who opt in get on my email list and they are redirected to my bridge page.  My bridge page simply introduces me and tells a short story and then give people the chance to click on my replicated Multiple Income Funnel link.

Every few days after, I send out an email broadcast talking about using the MIF, results, my experience, and etc.  I continue this indefinitely.

Click Here to see how I am marketing this system.

When you click on that link and opt in, you will see how I’m using My Capture Page, bridge funnel, and then see how I do my email marketing.

Until next time!

Rob Fraser


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