How to Get Targeted Website Traffic?

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I’m sure you will agree that getting targeted website traffic is what everyone who has a website wants or else why create a site.  In this post, I’m going to share some tips that has helped me get targeted website traffic.

When I first started, I just knew I wanted to make money online and went in all sorts of directions.  I just wish that I had a mentor to help me understand the 2 basic goals of online success.  One of those basic goals is targeted website traffic.  The second basic goal is list building.

The very fact that you are on this site and reading this right now, is a direct result of me taking the actions I’ve listed below.  If you want to learn them, then keep reading!

Why you need to Get Targeted Website Traffic

If you have a website, then obviously you want people to see it.  No traffic equals no sales.  Even if your website isn’t centered around sales, you still want people to see it who are interested in whatever content you have on it.

Get Targeted Website Traffic by Identifying Your Target Market

There are many names for this, but most people understand what a target market is.  The Bing search engine defines target market as a “particular group of people at which a product or service is aimed” and you can also add website.  Your website should be aimed to your target market.

I’ve recently completed a social media “Go For Yes” challenge and the person hosting the challenge doesn’t like the term “target market” and I can see the point.  I may use terms like ideal customer, customer avatar, ideal website visitor, dream customer, dream client, and etc.  You get the idea but all of those, or any new one I may mention, all mean target market.

I tell my new team members to identify who they want to work with.  In your case of wanting more targeted website traffic, identity who could benefit from the content on your site.  What is the purpose of your site?  What problems does it solve for your target market?

The best way I can explain this is by using myself as an example.  I want people who are like me to see this website (the one you are on right now).  So, I have to think well, who am I?

Just a few points I’m a 39 year old male who is on my second marriage with a toddler at home who is making a living in affiliate marketing.

I can go on, but for now am going to leave it at that basic level.  Now, I figure out what would interest that person (or in my case a person like me).  You may not want a person like yourself on your website and you will have to do this process for the people you want to attract.solve problems

What interests me online?  Where am I hanging out?  What websites, blogs, social media profiles and platforms am I on and following?  Based on my demographic, would I be on Instagram or on LinkedIn?  Would I be using SnapChat or TikTok?  Would I be reading forums, looking at videos on YouTube, or just scrolling Facebook when I do have a free moment?

Do I have time?

I suggest getting a piece of paper and writing all of these down.  This will paint a real clear picture in your mind of the people you want to attract to your website.  When you can go as far as creating a picture of a person who represents your ideal customer, then create all of your website content aimed at that person you are setting your website up for success.

It is so much easier to create content for that person rather than some ambiguous idea and this keeps your website aimed at your target market.

It’s like that quote “you can’t hit a target you can’t see” and this is exactly the same concept.

Get Targeted Website Traffic by Identifying Their Problems

Now that we identified who our target market is, the next step is figuring out their problems.  Using myself as an example, 39 year old male who has a young kid at home and I make my living in affiliate marketing.

What sort of problems could you imagine that I have?

I can share a couple big ones.  The more you drill this down and the more creative you get the better your chances at getting targeted website traffic.  Not only that, you will get traffic that’s ready to purchase your products, services, or affiliate or network marketing products.

Some of my problems are automating my business so I don’t have to spend as much time on social media building my network and business.  If you had a website on business automation, then that would be something I would be interested in.

Another huge problem I have is managing my time between my kiddo and business.  I don’t want to always be on the phone or computer chatting with leads, prospects, business partners, and network while I’m with the kiddo.  I have no problem talking with people, but I don’t want to have my kiddo seeing my face always glued to the screen.

If you had a website on time management or centered around parents of young kids who are entrepreneurs, then I’d be interested in seeing it.  Is this starting to make sense?  You have to find your ideal customer’s problems and pain points and start to speak that language and that is how you will attract more targeted website traffic.

Just understanding those points about me, you should have an idea about the type of stuff that would interest me.  Again, I’m using myself as an example because I want to work with people like me and you would have to do this for your website.

Get Targeted Website Traffic by Solving Those Problems on Your Site

This is the simplest way to attract your dream customers and get targeted website traffic.  If you have a blog built into your website, then this is where you can create content that solves these problems that will attract your ideal website visitors.  I’m doing the exact same thing here!

How You Can Start to Get Targeted Website Traffic ASAP

The big picture is putting our content in front of our target market to encourage them to go to our website.  Using my example, if you are solving my problems, then I’m clicking on your website.

The first place I would recommend getting started is to get a Wealthy Affiliate account.  You can get one for free and start to learn the basics of setting up a traffic generating website.  You may already have a website but the training will help you optimize it and you may decide to start a new website to help your existing one or just apply what you will learn from the training to your existing website.

This is exactly what I’ve done with this current blog you are reading.  As of right now, I’ve written about 7 articles and this site is generating daily passive traffic.  So even if you already have a website, the Wealthy Affiliate training and tools will help you boost your rankings in the search engines and the higher your rankings are the more targeted traffic you will get!

If you are in affiliate marketing, then the second place I’d recommend checking out is my free list building system.  Having a list building system is vital and works extremely well with a website.  This will ensure that you can follow up with your previous website visitors and email them new updates.

This is exactly what I do with this blog and have increased my traffic exponentially.  I will share a picture of my stats below.

targeted website traffic

If you have any questions, then feel free to leave them below and I will answer them.  I’m going to be posting reviews about my specific paid traffic sources, particular programs, and much more on list building and getting targeted traffic.

Stay tuned!

Rob Fraser

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