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Way back when I was struggling in affiliate marketing, I remember coming across a video from another marketer who was more successful than me and in the video they guy said “you have got to get your traffic game up” and for some reason that stuck with me.

It wasn’t until about 4 and a half years later, that I started to understand what he meant.  He would lay the foundation for my own level of online success.  When I finally started getting my traffic game up and learned how to promote my online business, I also started making more money in affiliate marketing.  The amount of traffic you get has a direct correlation with the amount of money you earn.

Correction, the higher the amount of targeted traffic you get has a direct correlation with the amount of money you can earn.  So, in this post I’m going to cover my 3 C’s of getting more traffic to your affiliate websites.

The 3 C’s are Clicks, Content, and Connections!

How to get more traffic to your affiliate website with paid traffic

First, I’m going to cover “Clicks” which is simply paid traffic.  Paid traffic is one of the fastest ways to get a burst of instant traffic but when you stop paying for it, that traffic stops.  I send the clicks that I buy to my free list building system.

Another quick story when I first started, I was blogging and vlogging (mostly shooting daily videos and uploading them onto YouTube).  I remember coming across another video from another affiliate marketer who was more successful than me and he was talking about a source of paid traffic.

At that point in time, I think I was generating about 10 – 15 leads per week.  After applying what I learned in his video, the next morning I woke up to 17 leads in 10 minutes.  I never will forget that moment because I just shortened the time it took to get leads.  I essentially got more leads in 15 minutes on “autopilot” than I did creating blog posts and videos.

Don’t get me wrong blog posts and videos do have their place, but paid traffic sped up the whole process.  I didn’t have a lot of money back then to start with paid traffic either.  I just set a budget that I was comfortable with and each week ran an ad.  Back then I was doing a $50 solo ad every week.

The thing is with this, or any other of the C’s for traffic, is consistency.  I’ve had people tell me that they want to spend their tax return on traffic thinking that is the ticket, when they couldn’t be any more wrong.

I would rather spend $50 every week on traffic, than $2000 on one big traffic order.  Consistency is the 4th and hidden ‘C!’  Later on, I will write up a post on my 3 sources of paid traffic.  You can opt into my email list at the end of this post to get my 3 sources as well.

How to get more traffic to your affiliate website with a website

The second ‘C’ is content.  Now I know, I took a dig at creating content with the first ‘C,’ but content isn’t something to be neglected.  In fact, I’ve personally watched a blogger go from obscurity to massive success during my 10 years of being an affiliate marketer.

I’ve also read a quote online somewhere (I forgot exactly where), that said it takes 10 years to master something.  I can’t help but think that if I continued blogging over the past 10 years, that I would be in a totally different position.

Don’t get me wrong I’m in the top 1% of affiliate marketers, but I still have room to grow.  I also think to myself that if I had 10 years of blog posts out there generating me traffic on a daily basis, that I wouldn’t have to spend time on social media as much or have to buy traffic ever again.

The one thing I do have going for me is my YouTube channels.  I have 2 blogs and 2 YouTube channels and have consistently uploaded content online, but I do kick myself for slacking off from the blogging.

To the new person, I wouldn’t recommend trying to do both.  If you like writing, then blogging is your path and I’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a place to learn how to create a website centered around a blog to get you more traffic to your affiliate website.  If you like to speak and don’t mind a camera, then YouTube is your way to go and I’ll be writing posts around how to do that.

If you do mind the camera, then Podcasting is a route you can consider.  I do all 3 because I’m crazy.

How to get more traffic to your affiliate website with social media

The last ‘C’ is connections.  Connections can be on and offline, but given everything that’s going on out in the world at this present time, building connections on social media is the way to go.  I have a love/hate relationship with social media because of my personality type and attention span.

Social media does have it’s place, but you have to give it focused attention.  The idea is to build your network and not try to sell as much.  I will say based on my own personal experience, that you should pick one social media platform and build on there.  I’ve made the mistake of trying to be everywhere on all platforms and it’s overwhelming, tiring, and you will waste a lot of time chasing your tail.

I used to think getting more traffic to my affiliate website with social media was simply posting my links and that’s not the case at all.

A few places that I have learned about using social media to get more traffic are My Lead System Pro, Endless Free Leads, Black Ops Underground Millionaire Mentoring, and I’ve also created my own course because of my own struggles and from my own personal experiences.

With social media, just understand that the main point is to build your network with other affiliate marketers and people who make up your target market.  Your target market is simply people who are inclined to buy your product or service.  I’ll cover more on that in a future post.

Again, you can also opt into my email list at the end of this post to get immediate access to any of the programs and resources that I’ve shared in this post.  When you opt in, you will get my contact info and you can just reach out with what you are looking for.

Everything also provides its own affiliate program and is how this whole machine works.  We aren’t limited to just one income stream and I’ll cover group economics in a future post.  Following this is how I’ve been able to earn a six figure per year income despite having some major setbacks and also what’s going on in the economy.

affiliate marketing traffic strategy

Using the 3 C’s together

The main idea is to get to a place where continuous traffic comes into your affiliate websites 24/7/365 (and 366 days on leap years).  I also don’t want to have to always purchase clicks or always post on social media.  The absolute best strategy is using them in conjunction with each other.  Having a solid daily method of operation is critical when working these strategies together.

Wrapping this up

I just touched on the 3 C’s of getting more traffic to your affiliate websites.  I will be writing more so stay tuned.  Get on my email list by clicking here and opting in.  You will see what I’m promoting as well as get access to different programs and products that I’m recommending to help you with your own 3 C’s.

It wasn’t until I got my traffic game up, that I started to earn consistent money online and it’s not hard.  If a former active duty Marine can do this, then you certainly can to!

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

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  1. Hi Rob, I’ll continue coming back to your site. You explain things in a very easy way to understand.

    All business need traffic in order to have sales. But I have learnt that getting traffic online is actually difficult… or expensive (it could even be both). I’ll check out this training platform you mentioned to see what they have to offer.

    • Hello, I certainly appreciate your feedback.  I’m only coming from a place of wanting this information when I first started.  Stay tuned because there is much more to come!


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