How to do High Ticket Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Rob Fraser here…

Have you been learning about affiliate marketing and want to know how to sell high ticket products?  If so, then you are in the right place.

I’ve gotten into affiliate marketing in late 2010 right before I got out of the Marines.  I didn’t make any money for 5 years.  April 30, 2015 I was in debt to the tune of $102,284.74 and January 8, 2016 I’ve paid it off 100% through and from affiliate marketing.

High ticket affiliate marketing was the boost that I needed to create that extra income that I needed to pay down my debt and also grow my business at the same time!

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this blog post, you will have a basic understanding on what high ticket affiliate marketing is and how to do it, even if you are a beginner.  Everything I’m going to share in this post is what I’m currently doing as an affiliate marketer who sells mid and high-ticket affiliate programs, products, and services.

How to do high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners – what is considered high ticket

Before we get into how to do high ticket affiliate marketing, let’s talk about what it is!

Low ticket and high-ticket affiliate marketing are essentially the same.  The only difference is the commissions that get paid out.  If you ask different affiliate marketers what is low, mid, and high-ticket affiliate marketing is you will probably get different answers.

In my experience high ticket affiliate marketing is anything from $1000 and up.  There really is no ceiling on the types of income you can get paid as this is based on what programs, products, or services you are an affiliate for.

Some people consider high ticket affiliate marketing anywhere you can get $250 and upwards per sale.  Personally, I consider that mid ticket $250-$1000, but that’s really subjective.  In this post, I’m going to focus on $250 and up programs.  The highest program that I’m an affiliate for at this point, pays up to $5200 per all in sale.

$250-$5200 is what I’m going to focus on in this post.  My highest ticket affiliate program I ever promoted I ended up earning over $20,000 in one week!  I don’t care who you are if you earn $20K in a week, that’s life changing.  Well at least for that week anyways lol!



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how to do high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners – why consider high ticket

When I ask most people what their goals are as far as income with affiliate marketing, a very common answer is the infamous $10,000 per month.  A lot of people blurt out that answer for some reason and in this example am going to use that.  Think about your own numbers as I’m going through this example.

If you are an affiliate for a program and they pay out $6 per commission, then how many of those would you have to sell to hit $10,000 (let alone every month)?  How about $20 commissions, $50, and even $100 commissions?  Also think about if any of those programs offer a residual income aspect where you income can potentially grow instead of always having to “hustle” for the next sale.

Think about that compared to earning with an affiliate program up to $5,200 per sale that also provides residual.  How many sales at $5,200 would you need to hit $10,000 per month?

I used to think making bigger ticket sales were harder and based on my experience, that’s false.  The only difference is the caliber of people you attract.  I will say that “low ticket” programs do have their place.

In the book Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets written by Russell Brunson, he goes into detail about how to use both “low ticket” and “high ticket” affiliate marketing together.

What I’ve learned from reading those books repeatedly is that the “low ticket” affiliate marketing programs are good to generate a list of buyer leads.  Once you are generating a list of buyer leads, then those are the leads you want to present your “high ticket” offer to.

Once you get someone to spend money with you on a $7 offer, then statistically those folks will be the ones who will spend more money with you (as long as you are providing value.  If you ever stop providing value, then that’s when people will stop spending money with you.


how to do high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners – pick a niche

This was something that I’ve struggled a lot with in the beginning.  There are so many different directions you can go.  My suggestion is to find something that isn’t too broad that you are either super passionate about or want to learn about and don’t mind documenting your journey.

I’d recommending picking something that you want to learn about more so than being passionate about something.

If you go the route of picking a niche that you want to learn about, then you can apply my framework for continuous content creation.  As I mentioned earlier content creation is one of my strategies.

This framework is what I’m currently doing with all of my content here and that allows me to publish an unlimited amount of content which will produce for me an unlimited amount of traffic that I earn.  You can learn more about traffic that you earn from the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson.

The framework is to learn, apply, document, and share.

Every day make it a point to learn something new about your niche.  In my case, I am a student of digital marketing.  I make it a point to learn something new whether it’s regarding video marketing, different tools to use, learning about different affiliate marketing forums to join, SEO practices, email marketing, copy, and etc.

Instead of going down the rabbit hole because that’s very easy to do.  I apply what I learn to my own marketing.

As an example, I recently learned how to create YouTube videos without having to be on camera and use my own voice.  Once I learned I could do that, I then took action and created a couple of those videos!

If you don’t get a result from what you have learned and applied, then go back to step 1 and learn something new to apply.  If you do get a result, then it’s time to document your result and share it.

Documenting your results can be a social media or blog post, something you share in your YouTube videos, or etc.  You want to share these results everywhere you can because this is your content that’s going to give you traffic.

As you can see, this all starts working hand in hand.  This especially helps in my niche because I always struggle with “trying to sell” vs sharing things that have helped me.

If I’m trying to sell, then my content creation is a struggle.  If I’m documenting my results, then content creation is a breeze!

How to do high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners – proven strategies

As I mentioned in the previous point, I use smaller trip wire (or low ticket) type offers to build a buyers list.  I only promote my high ticket offers to my list of buyers.

Instead of promoting my high-ticket affiliate marketing system off the bat, I promote my Perpetual Traffic Plan trip wire offer.  This presents a low ticket offer with as much value as I can give (I think so anyways, but again I’m biased lol).  When people purchase my Lead Lightning offer, then those folks are now buyers and then I escalate them higher up on my value ladder.

Again Russell Brunson in his book Expert Dot Com Secrets talks about value ladders and follow on funnels.  My high ticket affiliate marketing program is presented on the back end as people go up my value ladder.

I’d suggest finding just a couple and learning how to promote them.  Once you get some consistent sales rolling in, then you can easily add more programs to what you are promoting.


How to do high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners – my personal strategies

The two methods are content creation and list building.  You will need a page builder type software and an email follow up system.  My page builder I use most of the time is Power Lead System and my email follow up system I use is Get Response.

To a lesser degree, I also use the Free Lead System which is the free version of Lead Lightning.  Lead Lightning is the trip wire version of the Power Lead System.  I also use My Capture Page.  Traffic wave is another autoresponder I use from time to time as well to segment my email lists.

Learning content creation through a site like wealthy affiliate would be one of my top recommendations!

Every time I find a new program I want to promote, I generally follow this same process.  I just repeat.  I write a blog post, create a mini sales funnel, and I test with 100 and then 1000 clicks.  If I earn some cash, then I share that result and I scale up.

I’d also suggest creating and running your own Facebook group, membership site, YouTube, podcast, and/or a blog.  I have a Facebook group, YouTube, podcast and a blog.

The idea is to have a place where you can direct people to go who has questions, needs guidance, follow on training and more.

You can get away with not doing this with “low ticket” affiliate marketing, but for high ticket people need more of a human experience.  The more money people spend, the more you will have to be hands on.  It’s not hard, but you got to understand people aren’t just going to spend upwards of $1000 on a website that no one has any idea if a real person is behind it.

Having a Facebook group, blog, YouTube channel, and or a membership site will put people at ease and they will feel like they have support, guidance, and a mentor.  I’ve heard an early affiliate marketing mentor of mine call this a “triangle of trust.”  A triangle of trust simply means 3 points of contact or education.

3 points of contact can be a blog, email list, and social media profiles.  I try to leverage as many points of contact as possible.  Just think about it.  If you get a random email from some guy on the internet, then are you willing to buy from him compared to someone who has a blog, active social media profiles, a YouTube channel, podcast, and an email list?

I guarantee that you will feel more comfortable with the latter.

how to do high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners – best high ticket affiliate marketing programs

I will preface this by saying I am biased as I’m an affiliate for the programs I’m going to share.  I have had success with these programs and feel that they offer the best bang for their buck as far as earning potential and education.

As far as general educational type programs, Aversity and Entre are my top two places.  Aversity and Entre don’t provide residual income

As far as business opportunity or network marketing type offers the Multiple Income Funnel is the best system out there in my opinion as far as ease and earning potential.

Spencer Mecham from is a highly successful super affiliate shares 17 High Ticket Affiliate Programs and has a very solid spread of programs he is recommending if you are in the make money online niche.

Here is what Spencer says in his own works “Maybe you are scared and think that selling a high ticket product is just too hard and no one will buy from you.


Think about it.

If someone is searching for a mattress online, is it feasible to say they are probably going to buy a mattress at some point, even though it has a higher ticket item?


The point is affiliate marketing is meeting people where they are.  If someone is looking for information on whatever problem your affiliate program solves, then they are statistically more inclined to buy.

how to do high ticket affiliate marketing for beginners – conclusion and applicable to do’s

affiliate marketing tools

It depends on what type of high-ticket affiliate products you are selling, but generally these tools I’m sharing below are universal.

As I mentioned earlier, you will need a page builder to collect leads.  I use a mix of three different page builders.  I use the Free Lead system, my capture page, and click funnels.

Learning content creation from a site like Wealthy Affiliate is my other highly recommended source.

Traffic I use paid traffic sources like Traffic Authority, Traffic for me, MLM Leads, and Udimi solo ads.  I also know a number of solo ad venders on a personal level and buy from them on a regular basis.

As you get deeper into this process, you will discover that it starts to become a practice.  I’ve heard a saying and I forget exactly where I heard this, but the guy said “get so focused on the outgo that the income will take care of itself” and this process is exactly that.

Get so focused on the process and also pay attention to your own metrics such as site views, leads, and sales you are generating.  Just committing to this process and you will discover your own numbers over time.

Knowing your numbers will help your affiliate marketing become very predictable.  You will know how many unique hits your website needs on a daily basis to provide you with daily sales.

I’ll leave you with an example from one of my online sales funnels.

I’d buy a 1000 click solo ad for $550 and get a 30% opt in rate.  That means for 1000 clicks, 300 people would opt in (30%).  Of those 300 leads, 1 in 10 would create a free account to the program I was promoting.  300 leads would get me 30 free accounts.  Every time I got 10 free accounts, 1 person would upgrade and I’d average $450 (ish) per sale.  30 free accounts would get me 3 upgrades.  3 upgrades times $450 is $1350.

$1350 – $550 spent on traffic initially = $800 profit

That doesn’t include the lifetime value from each customer.

As you can see, it becomes real powerful once you learn your own metrics.  The only way to get there is to start testing, tweaking, adjusting, and taking action.

Welp, wrapping this up for now.  Click Here to see my own process here and I’ll see you on the next one where I talk my best paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing biz ops!

Rob Fraser

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