How I Use My Free List Building System

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In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing.  I just knew that I wanted to make money online and tried many different things.  I went down many different rabbit holes and wasted thousands of dollars joining different programs, buying different trainings, and attempting different online money-making ventures.

What I wish I knew back then is that everything with affiliate marketing, no matter what the particular opportunity, is all revolved around list building and targeted website traffic.  List building is the backbone of everything in affiliate marketing, network marketing, ecommerce, drop-shipping, and whatever else you can think of and adding targeted traffic is how you make money.

Before I even get started, the whole basis of this blog is to get targeted traffic and to build my list.  Again, I wish someone would have broken this down when I first got started.  I write this blog and post content that my only people who are interested in affiliate marketing would read and within my posts and with the advertising banners on the side, I post links to my capture pages and when you opt in, I build my email list.

I email that email list anywhere from 4-7 times per week with different affiliate offers, programs, products, this blog, my YouTube videos, and anything else I want to.  That email list is one of my biggest assets alongside of this website, my YouTube channel, and my podcast.

I remember watching a video from one of my online mentors and he said write this down. “I’m in the lead generation business, generating leads is what I do” and I didn’t understand that at first because we were promoting a particular program at the time.  I kept thinking “but we are promoting this program” and “I want to get more signups to this program.”

What I wasn’t understanding back then is generating leads is how I was promoting my program and how I was going to get more sign ups.

The funny thing is that’s how everything works.  If you can generate leads (aka list build, building your list, etc.), then you can promote your online business or get more traffic to your affiliate website or anything else.  The bigger your list is the better your chances at getting people to buy whatever it is you are selling.

With all of that being said, let’s dive into it!

How My Free List Building System Works

My free list building system that I use Free Lead System and is 100% free to use.  There are benefits and perks to upgrading to the paid version, but the free version does give you everything you need to get started in building your own list.  The Free Lead System is a perfect “trip wire” offer and I use it a lot with my paid traffic campaigns.

I made the huge mistake when I first started of sending people and advertising my direct affiliate link.  What happens is people will click on your link and check it out, but if they don’t immediately make a purchase, they leave your website and never come back.

How many times have you checked out something for the first time and immediately purchased it from the very first place you saw it?  I’m sure you can agree that it takes time to warm up to buying something even if you are in the market!

Case in point, I’m wanting to buy some adjustable dumbbells for my home gym and I’m doing research on different sites, price checking, comparing different models and types, and also going through the free classified ads, and etc.

The same thing happens in affiliate marketing.  The best practice is to advertise and promote your capture page to your Free Lead System and collect the lead.  Once you have the lead on your email list, you can then follow up with that lead as long as they stay opted into your email list. 

This gives you a realistic chance at making the sale when you can follow up with your leads and provide them value.

This image on the right is a capture page example! ==>>

How My Free List Building System Builds Your Primary Business

As I mentioned earlier, the whole idea is to get people to your capture page and have them opt in.  A capture page (or sometimes called a squeeze page, landing page, lead funnel, or etc.) is simply a website that provides a little curiosity and if the person viewing the website wants more information, then they will have to “opt in.”

Opting in means simply putting in their name, email, and sometimes a phone number in order to get redirected to the information they want.

Once they opt in, they are then a “lead” and on your email list.  Promoting your primary business, other affiliate offers, or anything else is simply a matter of sending an email.

How My Free List Building System Pays You to Build a List

The back end of my free list building system, or the Free Lead System, is the Power Lead System program.  The Free Lead System (or FLS) does provide a capture page, sales page, and email follow ups with a built-in autoresponder.  The con of using FLS is that you have to pass up every other lead you generate to your sponsor.

When you decide to upgrade to the full version of the Power Lead System, you will never have to pass up any leads ever again.  A percentage of people will want to keep the Free Lead System and a percentage of people will eventually want to upgrade to the Power Lead System.  If you are a Power Lead System member, as I am all in, then you will get paid a commission for every upgrade.

One of the biggest perks from upgrading from the Free Lead System to the Power Lead System is access to a program called Endless Free Leads.  You get access to Endless Free Leads for free as a bonus for being a Power Lead System member.

Endless Free Leads teaches you how to use social media to build your email list with out spending money on paid ads.

Team Duplication with My Free List Building System

team duplication

One of the best things about using my free list building system is that when you have a team, your business and income will grow exponentially.  I’m going to use the example of paid traffic to illustrate this clearly, but the same concept applies to content marketing and also just making connections, or networking.

If you are spending $100 a week in paid traffic, then that’s $100 per week building your business.  Say you sign on 2 team members and they each agree to spend $100 a week in paid advertising.  Now you have $300 per week building your business.  This grows exponentially the more people you bring on who commit to advertising the same way.

Again, this isn’t just true for paid traffic but can work for content marketing also.  Say you commit to writing 1 blog post per week and after a while bring on 2 people who are committed to doing the same.  Now you have 3 blog posts working for you 24/7/365 on the internet building your business.

Using My Free List Building System

The whole idea is to have a simple system that you and your team can all plug into.  You want to build your list and help your team build theirs.  I don’t know how many free leads I have gotten from people passing leads up to me.  This helps grow your business and when your team members upgrade, you earn commissions and your team can customize your own system.

I’ve also earned multiple six figures over the past 5 years using the Free Lead System in this way.  Income disclaimer, it takes work, consistency, and there is no guarantee of results.  I work hard at this strategy and it has served me well over the years.

Grab your Free Lead System here and check it out and also make sure you see my post on getting targeted website traffic.  It’s 100% free and you can see how I’m using it to build my primary business on the back end!

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

Free Lead System is the stripped down version of Power Lead System (PLS).  Make sure to check it out to get all the bells and whistles!

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