How I am making money blogging with Exitus Elite

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When I first got started in affiliate marketing, I didn’t know what journey that I would go on.  It hasn’t always been ups and, in fact, there have been a number of downs that I didn’t expect.  I will say that the ups far outweigh the downs.

Success in affiliate marketing revolved around understanding what affiliate marketing is and the only tasks you should be focused on.  There are only a few main tasks that successful affiliate marketers really do.

When I first started, my first mentor said “We are in the lead generation business.  Generating leads is what I do!”  I will admit that it took a while to understand what that meant.  I was promoting a particular program at the time and didn’t understand.

I thought the point was to get sign ups but thinking that way is putting the cart before the horse.  How do you get sign ups?  By getting people to see your offer.  How do you get people to see your offer?  By generating leads.

making money blogging

This works with whatever type of affiliate marketing you are doing.  I’m mostly in the biz op space, but the same applies to whatever programs, products, services, or network marketing, and anything else related to online sales.

I can agree with the initial statement I heard from my first mentor “We are in the lead generation business.  Generating leads is what I do!”  I will add to it a bit, or rather break it down.

Lead generation is essentially building a list.  A list of what?  A list of people who are interested in the type of affiliate offers you are promoting.  When I say offers, that means affiliate programs, products, services, tools, network marketing, or anything else you can be an affiliate for.

Again, I will add that just generating a list is only a part of it because the reason we got into affiliate marketing was to make money.  So, do you want a list of people who are interested, or do you want a list of buyers?

Success, or making money, in affiliate marketing revolves around building a buyers list.  How do you build a buyers list?  By learning how to generate targeted traffic.  What is targeted traffic?  Targeted traffic is simply people who are interested in your affiliate offers that are looking at your websites.

To recap, we are in the lead generation business which really means to build a list of buyers and we do that by generating targeted traffic.

What Result I Want To Give You

By the end of this blog post, I want you to understand how I’m using this blog and a couple of other resources to build my own buyers list and to generate my own targeted traffic.  When you see how I am doing this, you will know exactly what I am doing (if you want to join me) or know how to apply these concepts to your affiliate marketing.

How I am starting my making money blogging journey

Blogging falls into the generating targeted traffic category.  The people who are reading this are in my target market.  You are my target market.  It’s my intent to help you understand these concepts as I do and to help you succeed in your own affiliate marketing.

When I first started making money in 2015, a big portion of my success came from YouTube and paid traffic.  I kept on with my YouTube channel and today no matter what I do or don’t do, my channel is watched collectively for over 48 – 72 hours on a daily basis whether I upload a video or not.

Paid traffic has changed since I’ve gotten into it.  There are a lot of unscrupulous traffic vendors who “lead stuff,” send bot traffic, and so much more.  There are some good vendors out there, but there has been a boom in people selling fake clicks.

This is what has led me to blogging.  I’ve researched a lot of successful bloggers over on Pinterest and decided to add blogging to my overall content creating traffic generation strategy.

What is a Buyers List

As I mentioned before generating leads is one thing, but building a list of buyers is another thing altogether.  We want to build a buyers list.  What is a buyers list?  A buyers list is simply a list of people who have purchased a product.

You want to build a buyers list because people who spend money with you are statistically more likely to continue spending money with you.  It is harder to get a new buyer, than it is to refer products to your existing buyers.  A buyers list should be treated like gold!buyers list

This doesn’t mean you should pelt your buyers list with affiliate products just to make some sales.  This means the exact opposite and should only refer products to your buyers list that make sense and will serve them.  People will grow tired very quickly and move on to other people who will better serve their needs.

Why Exitus Elite

Exitus Elite is the main affiliate program I’m going to be chatting about and promoting.  EE is a member to member direct pay type of program and the product is digital information and training on marketing and mindset.

You also have the ability to earn instant $100, $250, $500, and $1000 commissions paid instantly and that makes this a perfect program to grow your list exponentially.  I’ve used a similar program with a $250 price and commission point and using my perpetual traffic strategy, have earned over $18,000 in one month.

There is nothing more powerful than getting paid daily and nothing better for your business than getting daily momentum!

Income disclaimer:  I’m only talking about my results and am not promising that you will explode your income.  Making constant money in affiliate marketing requires hard work, commitment, and in some cases a lot of time.

How I am making money blogging with Exitus Elite

Making money blogging with Exitus Elite is just like making money blogging about anything.  The main idea is to write blog posts to get lot of traffic and then monetize your blog by talking about Exitus (the same way I’m doing here).

During this whole process, I’m still going to be buying traffic and working my basic social media marketing strategy.  I see a lot of affiliate marketers blogging about where they are at now in terms of online success.  I don’t see a lot documenting the journey, but I could be wrong.

The reason I started this page is to continue documenting my own journey as well as provide my exact steps and training for my team.

Applicable To Do’sto do list

I have read a lot of blog posts talking about “how to” do abc and xyz, but on most of them there are always additional trainings or products or something to buy or research.  What I’m going to be doing here is giving you a list of applicable to do’s that are either very cheap or free.

Step 1: Figure out what product, service, or program you have in your portfolio that you can use as an instant cash generator for you to use to build your buyers list or if you want to check out My Exitus Elite Review 2020 here!!

Step 2: Get a Wealthy Affiliate account and learn how to build a website based on content marketing for you to use in your business

Step 3: Get an independent list building software that allows you to collect leads and follow up with them

Step 4: Get the Expert Secrets book so you can learn how to tell your story (on email, social media, blogging, etc).  I’d suggest grabbing the full Russell Brunson Trilogy (it is one of the upsells) and these will give you a complete manual from A to Z covering absolutely everything you need to know to become a massive success.

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

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