Exitus Elite Review 2020 – Simple Updates You Must Know Before Joining

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In this post, I’m going to cover my Exitus Elite review and share some updates for 2020.  I will state that I am an active affiliate and may have a biased viewpoint, but I will be as candid as I can, and it is always best to get multiple viewpoints and opinions.  Do your research and come to your own conclusions.

All the review from people in Exitus Elite are positive and everyone who is trying to sell you something else are all negative.  You balance out all the good and all the bad and make your own decision.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of Exitus Elite, I want to share that making continuous money online in affiliate marketing is doing 2 things.  It sounds simple, but it isn’t always so easy.

Those two things are targeted traffic generation and building a buyers list.  This very blog you are reading is a part of my personal strategy for targeted traffic generation and I use Exitus Elite to build a buyers list.

What Result I Want To Give You?

When you get to the end of this blog post, you should have a solid understanding of what Exitus Elite is and have a good judgement as to whether this is a good program for you to join or promote.  I will share that I am biased as I am a member and do actively promote this program.  I will write my thoughts on is Exitus Elite a scam and cover the compensation plan in future blog posts.

Exitus Elite Review 2020

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Exitus Elite Review 2020 – Updated Products

There are 4 product levels and they are the G100, G250, G500, and G1000 and are $100, $250, $500, and $1000 respectively.  There are also admin fees which is how the company makes their money.  The admin fees are $40, $100, $200, and $299 again respectively and are yearly.

The admin fees help the company cover hosting, marketing materials, and etc.

Exitus Elite Review 2020 – How To Join

For example, if you wanted to join the $100 level, then you would go to the website and select the G100 product and then would be directed to sign up for your account and pay the yearly admin fee of $40.  You then would get access to a back office and from there you would be prompted to make your second payment of $100 due to the referring member.

The total you would pay is $140, again $40 to the company and $100 to your referring member or sponsor.  Your sponsor would earn a cool $100 instantly paid to them.  It works the same with the rest of the levels.

The products are digital and are accessible via download link in your back office.  I’m not going to cover the product line in depth, but I will share where you can get more information about the products (as well as my affiliate link) at the bottom of this post!

When you purchase a level you automatically get all of the lower levels.  For example, if you purchase the G250, you automatically get the G100.

If you ever want to upgrade, then you are only ever paying the difference.  For example, if you purchase the G250 and want to upgrade to the G500, then you will have to only pay $250.  This payment doesn’t apply with the admin fees.

Check out this post on the Exitus Elite Compensation Plan


The G100 product line consists of digital products showing you how to create a top tier income using affiliate marketing.  Again instead of listing all of the products, I’m simply going to link to my Exitus Elite affiliate website which you can see at the bottom of this post.

What I’m going to do instead is list my own particular bonuses for each level.  Keep in mind that the higher levels immediately gets you everything at all the lower levels.  For example, if you purchase the G250, then you will get all the bonuses for the G250 and G100 levels.  This works the same way through all the levels.

For the folks who join at the G100 level, I grant access to a course I put together on paid traffic.  In this course I share many tips and marketing methods that I use to convert cold opt ins, leads, and other cold market prospects into hot buyers.

I teach the process and method of converting paid traffic into true business relationships.  This is for folks who are interested in solo ads, Bing and Google PPC, Facebook and any other social media ads, Media buys, and etc.


For the folks who join the G250 level, I grant access to a course I put together on Facebook marketing.  I’m not a big social media guy as I prefer to blog, do YouTube, and buy traffic however this course will give you a solid daily method of operation should you choose to use social media to build your business.

I use what I share in that course to promote my various programs, videos, this blog, and my podcast.  There is no spamming, selling, taking 1000 selfies, or anything else annoying involved.  This is a very straight forward and simple daily plan that you can use to promote Exitus Elite or anything else you wish!

You will get access to my Facebook group with a 5-day training that you can revisit at any time and you can always ask questions in the group.  If you join at this level, then you will also get access to the G100 bonuses as well.


For the folks who join at the G500 level, you will get my complete content marketing plan.  You will see my method of taking a concept, targeting keywords, mixing in some copy, and also how to get continuous ideas for more content.

I will also share templates and structures to which all you do is insert in your information to get your readymade content.  You will still have to shoot your own videos and write your own posts, but you will have a layout that you just have to follow.


The G1000 level gets you access to Black Ops Underground which is a Facebook group and training area that’s hosted by 2 confirmed multimillionaires who have made their money in network and affiliate marketing.  Here is where you will get daily trainings, guidance, mentorship, and also a place you can plug your people into to get trained.

Exitus Elite Review 2020 – Updated Marketing Training

As I mentioned before about the 2 skills needed to make continuous money online, the marketing training provided by the Exitus Hub (you get this when you decide to join at the G100 level) and the Exitus Hub Plus (you get plus when you decide to join at the G1000 level) will teach you targeted traffic generation.  Targeted traffic generation is one of the 2 skills I mentioned earlier on generating continuous money online.

Again the second skill is building a buyers list and once you master 1 or 2 getting targeted website traffic, then this skill becomes relatively easy.  Everyone who decides to buy through my affiliate Exitus Elite link, then becomes a buyer and that’s how I build my list.

Now this may sound cold, but my buyers are treated like gold and this isn’t a transactional thing.  In my case, building a buyers list is a relationship thing.

In a nutshell, applying the training from the marketing hub to Exitus Elite itself will automatically help you generate targeted traffic and build a buyers list in the process.

The marketing training covers some trainings on the current social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, What’s App, YouTube, Email Marketing, Instagram, Pinterest, and so much more!

Exitus Elite Review 2020 – The Replicated Stock System

Most of these online affiliate marketing programs don’t have decent replicated systems.  What I call a replicated system is the basic copy and paste marketing system that you get when you purchase a membership from most of those online affiliate marketing system.

What I found with Exitus Elite is that they actually provide a decent system that’s ready to go immediately when you join.

A few reasons why the replicated stock systems usually don’t work are they don’t have good capture pages, their email follow up series is pretty lacking, and they don’t’ allow you to create bridge pages.

Exitus Elite actually has some decent capture pages, has 10 built in emails for the autoresponder follow up series, and you can also upload your own bridge page video to use with their system.

Additional Marketing Systems to Promote Exitus Elite

You might be wondering why you would need to use an additional marketing system in conjunction with Exitus Elite after all the positive things I’ve mentioned about it.  While the EE stock marketing system is robust, there is always room for using your own list building software with it.

As the membership of EE grows, more and more people will use the replicated systems.  Eventually there will be a point where you will want to customize and differentiate yourself in the marketplace from all the other affiliates!

I will cover my thoughts on my other two systems that I use in future blog posts.  FYI, I use Click Funnels and the Power Lead System.  Also be sure to check out How I am making money blogging with Exitus Elite!

Conclusion and Applicable To Dos

Well I have typed and yammered long enough.  Here are the next steps!

Step 1: Click here and check out the replicated Exitus Elite marketing system with my bridge page.

Step 2: Review all the product levels at this link here

Step 3: Reach out to me and get your bonuses

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

P.S. Save this blog and come back to it!  Share if you have received any value!

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  1. joining exitus elite $1000 level will you set up my power lead system auto responder system for me, I have no tech skills at all. thank you for your consideration. clifford brown awaiting your reply before i join the system.


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