Exitus Elite Compensation Plan Plus How to Get Sign Ups

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In this post, I’m going to cover the Exitus Elite compensation plan and also cover how to get sign ups.  What good is knowing the comp plan if you can’t get anyone to join you?


What Result I Want to Give You?


By the end of this blog post, you will have a solid understanding of the Exitus Elite compensation plan and you will also know how to get sign ups.  What good is it knowing the comp plan back and forth if you can’t get people to join?

Exitus Elite Compensation Plan
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Exitus Elite Compensation Plan


The compensation plan is pretty straight-forward.  I call this strategy the “instant cash strategy” and it’s pretty simple.  I use half of my commissions that I earn with Exitus to buy clicks and the other half goes in my pocket.

There are 4 levels ranging from the G100, G250, G500, and G1000.  The levels cost the same as the numerical designation (G100 is $100 + an admin fee).  The yearly admin fee is waived in you can bring in at least one person per year at your level or higher.  You earn 100% commissions on all the levels so if you bring in a G100 member, then you earn an instant $100!

There is a pass-up structure in place and if you join at the G1000 level, then you only have to pass up your first G1000 sale and then are forever qualified to earn.  All of your future sales and team members are yours.  All sales you ever make on the lower levels are always yours starting from day 1!

Let’s see some examples…

If you join at the G500, then you will have to pass up your first G500.  You decide to upgrade to the G1000 level (which you only pay the difference), then you would have to pass up your first G1000 level.  In this example, you had to pass up $1500.  You do NOT have to pass up any and all of the lower levels.

If you join at the G1000 level, then you only ever pass up a total of $1000!

Let’s break it down!

For example, if you join at the G500 level today and then immediately sale a G250, then you keep the $250 and the team member.

Let’s take that example a step further.  You are at the G500 level and you bring in “Mike” at G250.  You get to keep Mike on your team and the $250 coming your way.  Mike brings in Mary at G500 and he passes Mary and her $500 to you.

Mary goes out and brings in a G1000.  $250 of that goes to Mike (because he is still at G250) and the $500 would go to you (because you are at the G500 level) and the remaining $250 would go up to the next G1000 member qualified.

The main idea is joining at the highest level saves you the most money and you don’t have to qualifying pass ups at each level above you.  I’m involved in a similar program and you have to make a pass up at every level and it doesn’t matter what level you join at.  I’ve just did the math and with that other program that’s a total of $3875 in pass ups.

With Exitus Elite, if you join at the G500 level, then you don’t have to pass up G100 or G250.  The most you would have to pass up is $1500 (G500 and G1000).  If you join at G1000, then you only pass up your first G1000 and your total pass ups is $1000 and that’s it!

If Jim joins at G100 and he goes and makes his first G100, that first sale gets passed up.  Jim’s next G100 goes to him.  Jim makes a G250 and he only gets $100 of that and the remaining $150 goes up to the next person who is qualified to earn at that level.

Jim wants to upgrade to the G500.  He only has to pay the difference between the G100 and G500 levels ($500 – $100 = $400 that Jim pays).

Jim brings in a G250 and he keeps the $250.  Jim brings in a G500 and since this is his first G500, then that goes up to the next person who is qualified at that level.  At this point Jim passed up $100 (his first qualifying G100) + $150 (G250 member where he only could get G100) + $500 (his first G500 sale) for a total of $750!

A week later, he wants to upgrade to G1000 and again he has to qualify at that level so he has to pass up $1000 at the highest level.  This brings his grand total of pass ups to $1750!

If Jim joined at the G1000 level right off the bat, then he would have only ever had to pass up $1000.  In this example, we can see how it would save Jim to join at the G1000 level and keep the “$750!”

I got a little heavy into the comp plan, but tried to paint the picture that if you can save and join at a higher level, then do so.

You may have to read this a couple of times and we also have a video that explains this a lot better.  The most important part of understand the comp plan is understanding how to get sign ups.  If you can’t get people to sign up, then what good is it knowing all of the ins and outs of the comp plan?


Exitus Elite – Getting Sign Ups With the 3 C’s


The 3 C’s are Clicks, Content, and Connections.

Clicks are buying clicks such as solo ads, PPC (Bing or Google), and etc.  You can simply set a budget and buy a certain amount of clicks each week and send it to one of your Exitus Elite capture pages.

Content is producing YouTube videos, blog posts (like I am with this one), and posting on social media.  This allows you to generate interest from people online and send them to your capture pages.

Connections is the backbone of everything.  Connections is building relationships with people online or offline and is the purpose of buying clicks or creating content.

Check out my post here for more details on the 3 affiliate marketing strategies (3 C’s)


Exitus Elite – Getting Sign Ups with The Basic System


The basic system of Exitus Elite is robust and has all of the essentials that you would need to run an online business.  There are capture pages, a bridge page, a 10 email series autoresponder, and solid marketing training all contained within the system.

The Exitus Hub and the Exitus Hub Plus are both training modules designed to teach you marketing strategies using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and etc along with training on Pinterest, email marketing, chatbots, and etc.

You get the Exitus Hub at the G100 level and the Exitus Hub Plus at the G1000 level.  The idea is to go through these modules, learn them, and apply them.


Additional Marketing Systems to Promote Exitus Elite


I use additional marketing systems because with any business that has replicated marketing materials, after a while the system becomes saturated.

The potential to make money with the program isn’t saturated!  The capture pages become saturated and this is why I use the different systems I list below to change up my marketing and offer a fresh angle while I’m promoting Exitus Elite.

If you are just starting out, then the replicated system from Exitus will get you started.  Once you learn 2 traffic strategies, then I would recommend upgrading to one of the systems below.


Exitus Elite – Using Power Lead System To Get Sign Ups


I use the Power Lead System with my Exitus Elite marketing.  The Power Lead System is a 3rd
party marketing, training, and tools platform.  I’m going to write a detailed Power Lead System review for 2020 in the future.

The Power Lead System has 3 marketing systems included with it.  The three systems are the Free Lead System (FLS), Lead Lightning (LL), and the Power Lead System (PLS).

Check out my post on How I use my Free List Building System.

We also have a share code with the Power Lead System that combines Exitus Elite and Power Lead System into one online sales funnel called the Easy Automatic System.


Exitus Elite – Using My Capture Page to Get Sign Ups


My Capture Page is another great resource I use to promote Exitus Elite.  My Capture Page has ready made capture pages, sales pages, automated email follow ups, traffic resources, banners, and etc.


Exitus Elite – Using Click Funnels To Get Sign Ups


Click Funnels is where I learned to put together offers and bonuses with EE.  Like PLS, Click Funnels is a 3rd party marketing, training, and tools platform.  Click Funnels is more for people who are wanting to brand themselves and to create their own offers, courses, membership sites, and etc.


Conclusion and Applicable To Dos


With the replicated system, Power Lead System, My Capture Page, Click Funnel, or anything else I may decide in the future to use, it is simply a matter of getting people to see Exitus Elite.

I mainly do paid traffic (clicks) with blogging, YouTube, and Podcasting (content).  I do maintain a Facebook group where I train my team and go live on a regular basis.  This type of affiliate marketing is based around relationships and social media is one of the ways I build connections.

Again clicks, content, and connections or the “3 C’s” are the back bone.

I buy traffic, pump out content, and build connections and simply get people to see my capture pages.  Once people opt in and see my offers (that I made with what I learned from Click Funnels), then a percentage of people join.

I build an email list and regularly email that list my blog (this same one you are reading), videos (from my Youtube), my podcase episodes, and my sales pages.  This compounded over time is what allows me to do this full time.

Well I have typed and yammered long enough.  Here are the next steps!

Step 1: Click here and check out the replicated Exitus Elite system

Step 2: Make a decision if this would be a good fit for you

Step 3: Reach out to me and get your bonuses

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

Rob Fraser

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