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In this post, I’m going to share my simple straight-forward strategy to promote Easy 1 Up 100% online.

What Result I Want To Give You?

By the time you get done reading this post, you should have a basic understanding on how I promote Easy 1 Up 100% online with automated sales funnels.

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How to Promote Easy 1 Up – My Affiliate Marketing Structure

For every program I promote online when it comes to direct sales or network marketing type of program, I have a simple structure that I use.  The great thing about this structure that I’m about to share with you is that it is universal and can applied to anything you want to promote online.

With any network marketing business, affiliate marketing products, services, or opportunities, or anything else it’s very simple.  For the sake of this post, I’m going to talk about Easy 1 Up, but you can replace Easy 1 Up with anything else.

In fact, check out this YouTube video at this link here where I share How I promote a similar business with this exact same structure.

The structure follows something I’ve learned when I first started making money in affiliate marketing.  The structure used to be you need to have a business, marketing system, and traffic source (advertising).

After a few bumps and bruises, I’ve learned that in addition to those 3 key pieces, you need to have a mentor and a support group where you can get continuous guidance and training.

As a quick recap, the structure in making online affiliate marketing work is you should have a business (in this case the business is Easy 1 Up), a marketing system, traffic, a mentor (if you are reading this then I’m your guy), and a support group.

My support group for people who join me in various online affiliate marketing opportunities is my Complete Freedom Facebook group which can be accessed at this link here!

How to Promote Easy 1 Up – 3 C’s of Marketing

The 3 C’s of marketing are Clicks, Connections, and Content.

Clicks is simply buying traffic (advertising) such as solo ads, Bing PPC, YouTube ads, Pinterest traffic, banner advertising, or any other source that you pay for.

Connections is building your network or list of people who are interested in your products or services.  In this case, we would be building a list of people interested in Easy 1 Up.

Content is what you are reading now.  Content includes podcasts, videos, blogs, and what you post on social media.

I find the best way is to include all three of these marketing modalities on a consistent and ongoing basis.  I’m going to cover a little more on clicks below.

I regularly produce content in accordance with my content production schedule.  Producing content allows me to earn traffic.  Traffic is people who are interested in affiliate marketing clicking on my sites.

When I earn traffic (get people to click on my sites), I have the chance to turn that traffic into traffic that I own.  Traffic that I own is my email list.  I can email my list at any time promoting anything I want which is on demand traffic.

With my network or connections, this is a long term game.  My goal is to make one solid new connection on social media or in the “real world” every day.  This is a people business and people join people they know, like, and trust.  They are no longer joining anonymous systems, autoresponders, and programs.

Things are definitely more high tech and high touch!

The first ‘C’ again is clicks.  What I did in the beginning was set a budget and every week I would buy 50 clicks from a solo ad.  I eventually work my way up each week.  Whenever I made a sale, then I’d take 25-40% of my commissions and buy more advertising with it.

I love buying traffic because over time you can really get track your numbers.  When I’m running paid traffic, I have it dialed in to where I know the number of opt ins it takes to get people to create a free account.  I know how many free accounts I need to get before 1 upgrade to a paid account.  I also know, on average, how much I will make per upgrade.

I share this not to brag or boast, but to share how when broken down marketing can be a numbers game and it’s simply a matter of following a specific plan.

How to Promote Easy 1 Up – Marketing Tools

Easy 1 Up has a very basic stock system.  When I say stock system, I mean the company’s replicated marketing materials you have access to in the E1U back office.  I don’t recommend using this.

I personally use My Capture Page to collect leads for Easy 1 Up.

David Dekel has an online automated system that’s getting a lot of people results.  His system is called Profits Passport and includes a couple of other income streams as well.

The one issue I have here, is that when you use the Profits Passport system you are using his email list.  There is nothing wrong with this, especially if you are a beginner.  Profits Passport also follows the same structure as having a business, marketing system, traffic sources, a mentor, and a Facebook group for support and continued guidance.

If you are advanced, then it’s very simple.  I initially use the My Capture Page system to collect leads.  Once those leads are in my Aweber or Get Response autoresponder, then I email them my Profits Passport referral link.

I recommend always building your own email list no matter how automated or converting any online system is!

How to Promote Easy 1 Up – My Thoughts

I joined Easy 1 Up back in August of 2016 and it has been cranking along ever since then.  The company owner (Peter Wolfing) is generally very transparent and always uploading new videos in the E1U Facebook group and on his YouTube channel.

With Easy 1 Up and direct sales opportunities like this one, I’ve found the best way to find success is to plug into the Facebook group and focus.  There are too many distractions out there especially in ‘biz op land’ which is what I call the direct sales or affiliate marketing market place.

If you are interested in working with me with Easy 1 Up, then click this link right here and check out my system!

Until next time!

Rob Fraser

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