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In this post, I’m going to share my content production schedule.  I’m sharing this because I have a very active soon to be 3 year old, manage a household, and run my full time affiliate marketing business on the side.

What Result I Want To Give You?

By the end of this post, I want you to understand my exact content production schedule.  You will know exactly how I split up my daily tasks and how I’m able to write one solid blog post, shoot one solid video, and produce one podcast each and every week.

Content Production Plan for Affiliate Marketing – Why Create Content

Content production is one of my 3 C’s of marketing.  Creating content generates passive traffic to my online automated sales funnels.

Why spend time creating content?

There are a few highly successful marketers who swear by creating content.  I’ve also watched bloggers, YouTuber’s, and a few podcasters go from nothing to becoming big names from their content production.

Content creates targeted traffic.  Content attracts people to your online automated sales funnels and affiliate products.  Content also creates a way for people who are interested in your products and services to find you, get to know you, and then eventually to buy from you.

Content Production Plan for Affiliate Marketing – Weekly Goals

I create content 6 days per week and I take the 7th
day of the week off to recharge.  Each week I aim to produce 1 video, 1 blog post, and 1 podcast.

What I really do is take a topic that I want to talk about that week and then put it into written form (blog) and I repurpose that blog into a video and then again with just an audio (podcast).

See How I Promote My Affiliate Offers to understand more of the purpose behind blogging.

It’s not just creating content that’s going to put your affiliate marketing on the map.  Creating it is one half and the other half is promoting your content that you created.

I promote my content on social media and to my email list.  The traffic your content generates on it’s own is a bonus.

I want my content setup where I don’t really have to rely on the search engines.  I use my content to train my team, document my journey, and to promote all of my affiliate offers.

Content Production Plan for Affiliate Marketing – The Plan

Day 1 am session I write 334+ words

Day 1 pm session I write 334+ words

Day 2 am session I write 334+ words

Day 2 pm session I edit my blog post

Day 3 am session I write a 250 ish word description for my video

Day 3 pm session I shoot my YouTube video and record my podcast

Day 4 am session I edit

Day 4 pm session I schedule the publishing and promoting

Day 5 am session I promote, comment on other blogs and videos, and do market research

Day 5 pm session I comment on other blogs and videos and do market research

Day 6 am session I promote, comment, and do market research

Day 6 pm session I plan out my next video, blog, and podcast

Day 7 I take off

Each session is anywhere from 20 minutes to about an hour depending on what I’m producing content on.  Most of the stuff I produce content on is easy to create because this is what I do.

Publishing simply means posting the blog, making the YouTube video public, and the same with the podcast.  You can work on unfinished blogs, videos, and podcasts as long as you want without other people seeing your unfinished work.  Publishing is simply hitting publish and making the posts public.

Commenting on other blogs and videos is a part of my overall promotion strategy.  I will do a Google or YouTube search on what my current post is and find other content to comment on.  The idea is to create collaborations and to get back links.  I’ll share more on content promotion in a future post!

Market research is looking up other ways to promote my content, me seeing how other people are promoting their content, and where I get ideas for my future content.

Content Production Plan for Affiliate Marketing – Ongoing Strategy and Tips

Some tips I wish someone shared with me are just start and stay consistent.  It’s also very easy to get overwhelmed with creating content.  Blogs, Video, and Podcasts can be a bit daunting to just start doing.

What I can say is the best thing you can do is to just get started and adjust as you go along.  There is a saying in the Marines where we used to say “shoot from the hip” which simply means to just take action and adjust on the fly.

Shooting from the hip is a lot different from getting down in the prone position, settling into a nice stable shooting position, and taking a well aimed shot.  Shooting from the hip is running and gunning and there is nothing stable or well aimed about it.

Content creating should be looked at the same way.  There is always going to be something new to learn to optimize, how to produce, edit, and etc.  I say just start and as you learn how to optimize, edit, and also to just find your voice you will get better over time.

I’ve watched and heard from multiple people and sources that it takes a while to find your voice whatever you decide to do.  I can say this is true for myself as well.

After I’ve written about 40 or 50 ish blog posts is when I started to settle and find my groove.  YouTube it took me about 100 or so videos.  I’m just starting my podcasting journey, but after my blogging and video posting am finding it simple to just record a new podcast episode.

Content creation is an ongoing strategy.  I’ve witnessed other bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters go from obscurity to large followings and most of it is from two things.  The first thing is starting and the second thing is staying consistent.

I started blogging back in 2010 and YouTubing back in 2013.  My biggest mistake is taking breaks and not staying consistent over time.

Ask yourself what feels more comfortable for you to do?  Are you cool with filming yourself or writing?  Would you rather just upload an audio?  Are you crazy like me and want to do all three?

Whatever you pick, just start and stay consistent.  You will learn all the details and how to optimize and etc over time.

Stay tuned to my next post where I talk about how I promote my content!

If you are not on my email list and want to see my perpetual traffic plan in action or how exactly I structure and promote my offers, then click here.

Until next time!

Rob Fraser

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