Discover Heal Update and Review for 2020 and Beyond

Rob Fraser here…

In this post, I’m going to share my opinions and updates on the Discover Heal online affiliate marketing business opportunity.

What Result I Want To Give You?

When you get done reading this post, you should have a decent understanding about the Discover Heal business, some of it’s products, and know a few key insights as to why I included the promotion of this opportunity in my online affiliate marketing efforts.

Discover Heal – Social Media Training

Probably the biggest thing that attracted me to Heal was the social media training you can get in Big Profile Profits, which is one of the digital training products.  This training covers social media profiles, posting, and even includes a schedule so you don’t have to be at a loss when it comes to “what to post” on social media.

As I said in other posts, there are 3 C’s of traffic (advertising and promotion) and social media is connections, which is one of the 3 C’s.  Heal also provides training in buying traffic (clicks, which is another of the C’s) and in producing content (which is the last C).

Discover Heal – Simple Online System

One of the main pieces I always look for in companies or opportunities I promote is does it have a simple online system.

I’ve heard a quote from Eric Worre (big time network marketer) that “it’s not what works, it’s what duplicates” and I interpret that to mean that if the average person can’t do “what you do” to promote a business, then your team will eventually stop growing.

“It’s not what works, it’s what duplicates” Eric Worre

Here is an example of me learning what that means…

I’ve had to learn this lesson myself the hard way.  I’m the type of person who will blog, shoot videos and put them on YouTube, and do a podcast.  The average person will not.  Blogging, YouTubing, and podcasting may work for me, but that isn’t very duplicatable!

If you are interested in seeing how I’m able to create that much content each week and not lose my mind, then check out my content production schedule post!

I’m also the person who will experiment and buy traffic and send it to an online automated sales funnel.  The average person may or may not do this again!

Understanding all of that, I look for simple systems in companies and products I promote.  Heal has an online automated simple system that can be used!

Discover Heal – Physical Products

Heal also has a variety of physical products that I love as well.  These are products in the Health and Wellness niche ranging from supplementation to bamboo masks to EMF protection.

I personally like the mask and the EMF protection.  You don’t have to purchase these products first to make a commission from selling them.

Discover Heal – Ongoing Updates and Improvements

Lastly, and probably the most important, is the ongoing updates and improvements.  Stephen Munson is always adding new content, better courses, adjusting the comp plan in favor of the reps (us guys who promote Heal), and stream lining the system.

He is also now retargeting the leads you bring in through the system with Facebook ads!

Whenever you join and promote the highly converting Heal capture pages and people opt in (submit their email on the capture page), there is a Facebook pixel (don’t ask me how that works just yet) that’s attached to them.  Stephen then runs Facebook ads promoting Heal and the leads are targeted on Facebook.

Whenever your leads decide to revisit Heal and they decide to buy a product, that commission is tracked back to you!

Discover Heal – Marketing Tools

One more thing I almost forgot to mention was the tools you get to promote Heal.  There are various banner ads, capture pages, social media images, tracking, built in autoresponder, and so much more.

These are basic tools that are necessary when promoting affiliate opportunities online and when you join Heal and become a VIP, you will get access to these tools included in the price of your monthly membership.  (Heal VIP monthly is $49.99).

Aside from the Heal monthly fee, all of the other digital products are one-time purchases.

Discover Heal – My Thoughts and How I Promote Heal

I obviously am biased toward the promotion of Heal as I am a member and affiliate.  I love the training and whenever I feel stuck, go back through the training and that always helps.

I promote Heal with my 3 C’s of traffic.  The 3 C’s are clicks, content, and connections!

I buy clicks every week promoting the Heal capture pages.  I write blog posts (such as this one you are currently reading) and upload YouTube videos and podcasts for my content marketing.  Lastly, I share my results on social media where I build my connections.

As I said earlier in this post, Heal provides training on all three of the C’s and it’s simply a matter of going through the training and applying it.

My ongoing formula is to learn something new from the training and apply it.  If I don’t get a result, then I’ll go and tweak my application of what I learned or just go back and learn something new.  I’ll do this until I get a result.

When I get a result, I document and share my results on social media and in my content (YouTube, blogging, podcasting, and social media posting).

You can use the stock Heal system but for maximum results, I’d recommend grabbing a third-party autoresponder such as Get Response and also a free Wealthy Affiliate account.

The main idea is to use the Heal capture pages to build your own email list hosted in Get Response and to follow up with that list repeatedly.  I’d highly recommend grabbing the Expert Secrets book written by Russell Brunson to learn how to tell your story and email your growing list.

The Heal system tied in with Get Response will allow you to have an online automated system that you can personalize and use with paid traffic such as solo ads.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to setup a website (like how I setup here) and also how to blog.  The idea being to go through the training provided by Heal and blog about it.  This will also give you content which produces traffic.

So, let’s recap!

Step 1 Become a Heal VIP and also grab the Big Profile Profits training.

Step 2 Grab Get Response so you can plug in this third-party autoresponder into your Heal system so you aren’t just relying on the company replicated emails.

People join people and not replicated copy and paste emails.  If you are brand new, then you can use the company replicated system for now, but for best results this is the step to do!

Step 3 Grab a free Wealthy Affiliate account and learn how to build an organic traffic generating website.

Step 4 Grab the Expert Secrets book so you can learn how to do email marketing.

Step 5 Get a hold of me and join my Facebook group and continuously learn, apply, document, and share your results!

Anyways, I’ve rambled long enough for now!  Stay tuned for my next post where I share more about Expert Secrets and email marketing!

Until next time!

~Rob Fraser

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