Discover 7 Highly Effective Ways to Get Free Traffic to Affiliate Links

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In this post and future posts, I’m going to share how I’m getting free traffic to my affiliate links.  Before I dive deeper into how I’m getting free traffic, I do have to share that free traffic still has a cost.  You may not be spending any money for this traffic, but you will be spending some time to generate this free traffic!

With that being said, let’s move on!

What Result I Want To Give You?

When you are done with this post, you should have a basic understanding and knowledge on how to get free traffic to your affiliate links.  With any of the strategies I’m going to share, understand everything will work with consistent and steady action.

These strategies aren’t something that you try.  These strategies work with sustained action.  I’d suggest picking one or two and going after it.

Make sure you also know your niche.  I had this problem when I started.  I didn’t have my niche dialed in and floundered around all over the place trying different things, posting about different things, and wasting my money going in circles.

Before you incorporate any of these strategies, make sure you know what your niche is and stay focused on it!  Once you have made a niche profitable, then you can add onto what you are doing.

How to get free traffic to affiliate links – Classified Ads Sites

Sites like Craigslist can be a great place to post ads to get traffic.  I suggest doing a Google search for ‘free classified ad sites’ and see what comes up.  Get accounts with each site and start submitting ads on a steady basis.

I suggest using this source, but don’t put all of your effort here.  I just use Craigslist but I do know people who use this strategy with numerous classified ad sites.  I post one ad per day and keep it moving.

I used to post 50-100 ads per day when I first started, but the amount of effort for the traffic you get isn’t worth it.  Craigslist is solid, but again I’d only recommend posting 1 ad per day per site up to 3 ad sites, and adding on another one of the strategies I’m going to share below.

How to get free traffic to affiliate links – Pinterest

Pinterest is a great and underused place, in my opinion, to go to get traffic to your affiliate links.  You can create a free account there and I’d suggest doing a search for your niche on the site and get a feel for how other people are promoting their affiliate offers.

What I have found is a lot of folks are “pinning” graphics they created on Canva and are linking those to their videos, blogs, and directly to their affiliate links.  I personally have been using Pinterest more and I “pin” and link back to this blog or my Youtube channel.

From my personal experience, pinning on a consistent basis brings the best results.  I make it a rule every time I record a new YouTube video or write a blog post, I add 5 pins per piece on content on Pinterest.

I will blog about Pinterest trainings in future posts.

How to get free traffic to affiliate links – Content Creation

Blogging is where I first started to get online traffic to my affiliate offers.  I will say there is so much to learn, but the best thing to do is just to start.  In the Marines, we used to say “shoot from the hip” and that simply means taking action and adjusting on the fly.

I started blogging back in late 2010 and didn’t know anything about how to blog.  I just started with Google Blogger and haven’t looked back.  I still get sign ups in various affiliate programs to this day from that first blog I started!

I’ve learned how to set this blog up from Wealthy Affiliate.

YouTube is an amazing place to go to get free traffic.  Nowadays you don’t even have to be on camera to make videos.  You can use a service like Content Samurai to make videos without being on camera.

I will post trainings on how to do videos on Youtube in future blog posts.

I started a Podcast a while back and simply convert all of my blogs and YouTube videos into audio form.  I upload them on the Anchor ap on my phone and email my episodes out to my list.

I don’t have any fancy editing or music or anything so don’t use “not being fancy” as an excuse not to take action!  Just look at my stuff, it’s all basic looking but still brings me leads and sales!

How to get free traffic to affiliate links – Quora, Reddit, Tumblr

Sites like Quora, Reddit, Tumblr, and etc are content based sites that have many topics that you can read about and contribute to the online conversation.  In my case, I search for any and everything involving affiliate marketing, digital marketing, network marketing, and etc.

I find these topics and conversations and simply provide value.  In my personal accounts on each of these sites, I have links back to my blog, YouTube, and capture pages.

How to get free traffic to affiliate links – Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Tik Tok, and etc can be great places to get traffic to your affiliate links.  I will share that just spamming your links all over social media is not the way to go.

The best strategy is to make connections with people who would be interested in your affiliate products on a daily basis.  In my case, I make connections with at least 25 new people per day in affiliate and network marketing.

I start conversations using my basic scripts and see if they have a problem that one of my affiliate products, courses, or personal coaching and mentoring can solve.

How to get free traffic to affiliate links – My Thoughts

If you are an affiliate marketer or into an mlm or network marketing opportunity and aren’t making the money you want, then you need to get more traffic.

When I first started, I came across a video from a guy who said “you need to get your traffic game up” and that didn’t make any sense at the time.  Fast forward 3 years, I watched a video from another guy on a solo ad training.  I applied what I learned and since then have been earning consistently with affiliate marketing.

Making money online revolved around getting lots of people to see your offers (aka traffic).  If you are need more traffic, then sign up for my free 7 day email perpetual traffic plan course at this link here.

Until next time!

Rob Fraser

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