Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops

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In this post, I want to share some of my best paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing biz ops (business opportunities).  I have used these traffic sources since 2015 and still get solid results from using them.

As always, it is best to have a balanced approach to getting online traffic.  Paid traffic isn’t the catch all end all, but it is a powerful way to get quick and effective traffic.  It is best to work this in conjunction with free traffic methods.

I’ll share more about getting free traffic in a future post!  Big hint, this blog is a huge part of that free traffic generation!

What Result I Want To Give You?

By the time you read this post, you will know the best paid traffic sources for affiliate marketing biz ops.  You will also learn my perpetual traffic plan and also a few tips on converting paid traffic.



Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority (TA) is one of my top sources of paid traffic.  I’ve been buying traffic from TA off and on since I got started in online marketing.  Traffic Authority also has tools and training.  TA also has it’s own affiliate program.

I’ll create a more in depth post about Traffic Authority in a future post!

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– MLM Leads

MLM Leads is a great place to get quality traffic and clicks and also provides it’s own affiliate program.  You can create an account for free.  Once you place your first traffic order, then you will get access to your affiliate links.  You get 10% on all traffic orders from your team who purchases through your affiliate link.

I’ve been doing this since I’ve started with MLM Leads.  I don’t withdraw the cash.  I roll off of my commissions 100% back into more paid traffic.

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– Traffic For Me

Traffic for me is another great place to get quality clicks.  They don’t just have lists in the business opportunity space.  You can purchase clicks in many other niches such as survival/prepping, health and wellness, and so much more.

You can grab a free account here.

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi Solo Ads is a great place to go if you are on a budget.  A lot of the sellers on Udimi do sell ads to each other and the leads can be a little “beat up.”  What I mean by beat up is because the sellers sell clicks to each other, that a lot of the folks are on multiple lists from other affiliates and the creates even more competition to break through all of the emails they are getting on a daily basis.

This is why I focus heavily on creating my own bridge video, email series, and do everything I can extra.  People aren’t joining random people’s affiliate programs anymore.  Sponsor shopping, looking for bonuses, and etc are what people are doing now.

Get Your Udimi account here.

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– Money Flow

My money flow for paid traffic is fairly simple.  First if I wasn’t making any money from affiliate marketing, I’d take a percentage of any income from any other sources and buy some traffic each week.

Depending on my situation and from where I began, I’d take anywhere from 10 – 25% off the top of any paychecks or monthly benefits and buy traffic.  I used to stuff vending machines and would get approximately $650 – $800 each week and that would be $65 – $80 at the very least to buy traffic with.

Once I started making money, I’d then keep that rule in place.  I’d take anywhere from 25-40% off the top and keep putting that into paid traffic.  If I would earn a $1000 commission then anywhere from $250 – $400 would immediately go back into paid traffic.

This strategy works as I earned over $18,000 in one month promoting a program that paid out $250 instant commissions.  That program is no longer around, but the strategy I followed back then is the same.  I was a bit more aggressive with my traffic back then and was spending $125 for every $250 that I earned and that $18,000 was profit after buying traffic.

This would ensure that my business keeps feeding itself with new leads.

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– Perpetual Traffic Plan


The perpetual traffic plan tips off of what I shared about always taking 25-40% and rolling it back into paid traffic.  Very simple and straight-forward and following this is what allowed me to stop working and do affiliate marketing full time.  Don’t underestimate this powerful part of the plan!

Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– Additional Resources
Solo Ads


A couple of additional resources are page builders such as My Capture Page, Power Lead System, or Click Funnels.  Another key piece is an autoresponder such as Aweber or Get Response.


Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops – How to convert paid traffic


I get this question a lot from people on how to convert paid traffic into buyers.  What I have found the best way to convert paid traffic into buyers is to have a few tools in place when running paid traffic.

Those tools are having my own capture page, bridge page, a great follow up series, my own content, and my own support group.  It sounds like a lot but it really isn’t that hard to manage and you will see through my explanation how everything works together.

I learned this from my experience and also from reading and rereading Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets

How it looks like is say I’m running paid traffic to one of my sales funnels.  People opt in and instead of going to the replicated company presentation, they are redirected to a short personal video from me called a bridge page.

I simply introduce myself in my bridge page, tell my short story, and then send them to the replicated presentations.  The whole idea is to “bridge” the gap from unknown to known and then to the presentation.

After they see the presentation and more than likely don’t initially buy, they are placed onto my autoresponder email series.  Again, a great resource to learn about writing effecting email autoresponder series is that Expert Secrets Book from Russell Brunson.

Through my email series, I also send out invitations to join my Facebook group.  This is my support group that I mentioned earlier!  When people see my bridge video, they are introduced to me and start to get to know me.  Compare that to a random affiliate that you don’t know anything about.

So the people see my bridge video and learn what my name is, then once they are getting follow up emails from me that will allow me to cut through some of the noise in their emails from 1000’s of other affiliates promoting the same or similar things.

Lastly, my content helps me generate traffic 24/7 and also helps convert leads into buyers.  If someone is on the fence about joining or buying a product and then they see my blog post review, or video, or hear me on a podcast, or see a post on social media, then that will tip them into buying.


Best Paid Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing Biz Ops
– Next Steps


Remember paid traffic should be a disciplined practice.  As I mentioned earlier in this post, paid traffic should be worked in conjunction with free traffic strategies.

If you are interested in working with me or checking out my perpetual traffic plan, then click here!

Until next time!

Rob Fraser


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