My Capture Page Review 2020

My Capture Page Review 2020

Rob Fraser here… Have you heard of My Capture Page?  In this post, I’m going to share how I’m using My Capture Page to get sign ups in my affiliate offers.  One of the biggest reasons I joined My Capture page was to have a simple solution to promote a couple of affiliate offers I … Read more

Exitus Elite Compensation Plan Plus How to Get Sign Ups

Rob Fraser here… In this post, I’m going to cover the Exitus Elite compensation plan and also cover how to get sign ups.  What good is knowing the comp plan if you can’t get anyone to join you?   What Result I Want to Give You?   By the end of this blog post, you … Read more

Exitus Elite Review 2020 – Simple Updates You Must Know Before Joining

Rob Fraser here… In this post, I’m going to cover my Exitus Elite review and share some updates for 2020.  I will state that I am an active affiliate and may have a biased viewpoint, but I will be as candid as I can, and it is always best to get multiple viewpoints and opinions.  … Read more

How I am making money blogging with Exitus Elite

Rob Fraser here… When I first got started in affiliate marketing, I didn’t know what journey that I would go on.  It hasn’t always been ups and, in fact, there have been a number of downs that I didn’t expect.  I will say that the ups far outweigh the downs. Success in affiliate marketing revolved … Read more

How to Get Targeted Website Traffic?

Rob Fraser here… Below is a short video recap of this blog on getting targeted website traffic. Want to listen on the go, then check out the podcast version below  I’m sure you will agree that getting targeted website traffic is what everyone who has a website wants or else why create a site.  … Read more

How I Use My Free List Building System

Rob Fraser here… In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing.  I just knew that I wanted to make money online and tried many different things.  I went down many different rabbit holes and wasted thousands of dollars joining different programs, buying different trainings, and attempting different online money-making ventures. What I wish … Read more

How to get more traffic to your affiliate website

Rob Fraser here… Way back when I was struggling in affiliate marketing, I remember coming across a video from another marketer who was more successful than me and in the video they guy said “you have got to get your traffic game up” and for some reason that stuck with me. It wasn’t until about … Read more

7 critical parts to selling affiliate products

Rob Fraser here… Most people reading this blog part are in affiliate marketing and want to make more sales.  I’m going to cover the 7 critical parts to selling more affiliate products and if you read this post to the end, I’ll share exactly where to get the exact same affiliate marketing tools that I … Read more

7 Reasons Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

7 Reasons Why I Joined Wealthy Affiliate

Rob Fraser here… You are here because you are interested in affiliate marketing and came across different reviews or programs and found Wealthy Affiliate.  Maybe you just so happened to click on this article and wasn’t really looking for a Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Maybe you are on a journey to learn affiliate marketing and discovered … Read more