An Introduction to My Daily Online and Offline Traffic Getting Plan

Rob Fraser here…

In this post, I want to share my daily traffic getting plan as of January 2022.  I used to just rely on content marketing, but that can be a slow process.  If you are interested in purely content marketing, then I’d suggest checking out Content Marketing Strategy: Getting Results Online and Offline – Dreamgrow

I have the same mentality as far as getting traffic and results online and offline, but I have a more balanced approach.  In the beginning of my affiliate marketing career, I only did YouTube and solo ads.  I have since learned that quite a few solo ads vendors was very unethical and that frightened me away from solo ads, but also motivated me to look for different traffic strategies.

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you will know exactly what I am doing to get traffic on a daily basis along with my daily method of operation that I follow religiously.

Some of these traffic strategies are more effective than others.  My biggest intent is to get to 3000 clicks per day across a number of different traffic sources.  500 clicks per day from Traffic Exchanges.  500 clicks per day from Safelists.  1000 clicks per day from solo ads and cost per clicks type advertising.  Finally, 1000 clicks per day from my content (YouTube, blogging, podcasting, and some social media).

Traffic Exchanges

I’m not a super huge fan of traffic exchanges and a lot of people say that these places aren’t the best as far as getting qualified traffic.  I like using them because they are simple, easy to teach others how to use, and you can get some solid leads from these places.

The marketers I see doing the best on traffic exchanges are those who keep an eye on their stats and also who promote plans.  What I mean by plans are instead of promoting a business opportunity, they promote daily methods of traffic generation.

One of the first places I would send someone to learn about traffic exchanges and using them without getting overwhelmed is the Cash Juice plan.  It’s free and it provides a simple plan to using traffic exchanges to getting to 500 clicks per day on your affiliate links.


Safelists are another place where people say that you can’t get quality traffic from.  One thing I have learned and that has helped me was, instead of promoting my business, I’d promote my daily method of operation.

There are 2 places I would send people to learn how to effectively use safelists without getting overwhelmed.  Traffic Zipper and Viral Mailer Payday

Promoting my daily plan has gotten me the most leads from Safelists and Traffic Exchanges.

Buying Traffic

Buying traffic from places like Udimi, MLM Leads, and Traffic for Me.  This is one of the easiest methods to generate continuous traffic, but it will cost you money.  There are two things traffic generation will cost you and the second is time.

Udimi is for those who are just starting out and on a budget.  MLM Leads is the same, but their clicks are a bit more expensive.  MLM Leads gets their traffic from media buys and banner ads on certain websites with very high traffic.  Traffic for me are for those folks who are ready to “go big” and scale up.

Content Creation

Content creation is where I started along side of using various safelists and traffic exchanges.  I started a YouTube channel and also blogged on a Google Blogspot blog that’s still bringing me leads and sign ups to this day.

I’ve personally seen bloggers go from nothing to something simply because they stayed consistent.  The same goes with my YouTube channel and podcast.  Staying consistent and also reaching out to other bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters is one the best things you can do over any other traffic method I’ve mentioned so far.

Social Media

Social media is my least favorite source of traffic, but it is a necessary evil if you ask me.  Maintaining social media profiles and maybe a Facebook training group is great for team building, support, and mentoring.  Having my own Facebook group has been vital in getting sign ups, providing and sharing training, and just provides me the glue to keep my teams together.

Check out this post on how I market on LinkedIn

Daily Method Of Operation

I know it sounds like a lot, but I’ve finally dialed in my daily method of operation.  When I wake up, I surf Infinity Traffic Boost and Infinity Mailer Boost.  Afterward I email my safelists through Traffic Zipper, I then send out anywhere from 5-20 messages to new contacts on social media.

After 9 am, I surf my Leads Leap ads and also my first round of Viral Mailer Safelist emails.  Around 3:30 pm, I surf my Traffic Ad Bar websites from their daily email, another round of Viral Mailer emails, and then work on my content creation schedule.

After 6:30, I’m done with all social media.  I surf one more round of Viral Mailer emails, schedule my email to my list, prep my social media posts for the next day, and work on some video or blog editing.

Staying the Course

One of my biggest mistakes is starting, stopping, and starting, and stopping again!

In a future post, I’ll cover my daily method of operation that I do so I don’t lose my mind trying to keep my traffic game up.

I also want to share a new resource that I’ve found to help you get started using the same basic traffic plan that I’m using.  This system is called 3 Hour Cash Machine and basically revolves around a free funnel that you can create that utilizes Leads Leap.  The intent of this free funnel is to learn various traffic generation strategies while having a free sales funnel to send that traffic to that will build your email list.

You can click here to opt in and check out the replicated system.

Until next time

Rob Fraser

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