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Introduction on Ad Click Xpress (or ACX)

I’ve been following Ad Click Xpress way back when it was called Just Been Paid and/or Profit Clicking.  I made my first money online with Just Been Paid before I had any idea of what I was doing.  Over the years the company has evolved to stay up with the times.  I’ve followed this company off and on over the past few years and just recently have gotten heavily into Ad Click Xpress.  In this post, I’m going to share some of my experiences in the past, why I rejoined, and some of my results now.

I’ll also give a short review of Ad Click Xpress!

What is Ad Click Xpress?

AD CLICK XPRESS is an advertising and crypto trading network that rewards members for their time and attention. You earn cash by viewing ads, buying ad packs, participating in the crypto trading or purchasing NFTs, as well as referring other people to participate in the program.

There are quite a few different ways to earn money when using Ad Click Xpress:

  • Viewing Ads – you get paid every time you view at least 6 ads daily
  • Buying Ad Packs – ad packs cost $10
  • Referring People – you get paid when people sign up through your links, who then go on to buy ad packs, NFTs, and surf the traffic exchange.
  • Selling Products & Memberships – if you become a seller on this site, there’s no limit to how much money you can make selling advertising and trading services.

What are the Ad Click Xpress Products

Ad Click Xpress offers a number of products and services to help you run your online business. The core product is the traffic exchange in my opinion.  I personally like using the Prime Advertising.  My first month using the Prime Advertising I generated 94 leads.  See my YouTube video here.

Buying Premium or Regular Ad Packs will also give you real traffic to your affiliate websites.

There are also other products such as the NFTs, Energy packs, Investment packs, and again the regular and premium ad packs.

  • NFTs – A Great way to tap into the crypto NFT space through ACX
  • Energy Packs – These are energy investments and pay out varying amounts daily
  • Investment Packs – These are basic ad packs but pay out .1% per day
  • Regular Ad Packs – These are basic ad packs and pay out 2% per day and gives you daily clicks to your affiliate sites.
  • Premium Ad Packs – These are ad packs on steroids and pay up to 50% per day.  This also taps into the Prime Advertising and is where I generated 94 leads in one month.


Is Ad Click Xpress A Business Opportunity

Ad Click Xpress at its core is a traffic platform where you can promote your affiliate links.  If you do not have anything that you want to promote, then you can promote Ad Click Xpress in and of itself and you can consider it a business opportunity.  Your business in this case would be selling traffic, which is what a lot of successful affiliate marketers do.

You can join for free and get 600 views to any website you wish.  I’d suggest buying a couple of ad packs and putting in your affiliate link just to check it out.  There is a robust training section as well as tons of articles on the site to help you.  You will also get emails from corporate to help explain the site to you.  I’ll also help you the best I can as well.

Again, Ad Click Xpress is not a business opportunity in my opinion.  It is a traffic source and should be treated as such.  Anything extra is just a bonus.

Ad Click Xpress Compensation Plan

The Ad Click Xpress compensation plan is pretty straight forward.  You get 5% commission on new money spent on ad packs, NFT packs, and etc and 2.5% on repurchases with “back office dollars.”

Level 2 (or your referrals sign ups) gives you 2% on new money spent and 1% on repurchases.

Level 3 (or your referrals’ referrals’ sign ups lol) give you 1% commissions only if you are a Gold VIP member and .5% on repurchases.

Ad Click Xpress Complaints

There are a few different places where people are complaining about Ad Click Xpress.  I will link to a few of those places here.  I will also say that I don’t know the majority of people understand that in the transition from Just Been Paid, Profit Clicking, and now Ad Click Xpress that somethings and some money would be lost in the transition.

I also feel that a lot of people are looking at Ad Click Xpress as an investment scheme and not as an advertising source.  Lastly, I don’t think a lot of people get the “restart” feature that has kept Ad Click Xpress going for so long.

When I promoted another company that had this same concept, a lot of folks got mad at me because I told people to treat it as paid advertising and not an investment.  The result was me being able to pay down a six figure debt, grow my email list, and create multiple streams of income instead of just relying on passive earnings.  All companies need “new money” to operate.  You take any brick and mortar company and stop it’s income, it will go out of business.  Too many times with these programs people join, expect passive earnings, don’t promote it, and then wonder why the money dries up.

All of these factors, in my opinion, contributes to the negative complaints that you will see online about Ad Click Xpress.

Is Ad Click Xpress a Scam?

Ad Click Xpress does have some negative press out there and probably rightfully so.  In the beginning they were Just Been Paid, then changed to Profit Clicking, and now finally settling on Ad Click Xpress.  I’ve been a member since the Just Been Paid days.

Ad Click Xpress has something called a “restart” which keeps the program going indefinitely.  Essentially a restart is activated when the program can’t make withdrawals in a timely fashion.

You can read more about restarts or resets by clicking here

These are put into place and your short-term investments and packs are transferred into long term investments and packs.

I think because of these resets happening is what turned a lot of people off from using Ad Click Xpress.

Ad Click Xpress Review?

This review is from general knowledge online and mostly from my personal experience using Ad Click Xpress for a traffic source.

Just Been Paid?

Just Been Paid was the original company created by Frederick Mann who has since sold off Just Been Paid and has also passed away a few years back.

Can you lose money working with Ad Click Xpress

In my honest opinion if you use Ad Click Xpress for a traffic source, then you won’t lose money.  Relying on and treating ACX as a paid traffic source will always net you the best results.  Where some people lose money is by thinking that they can invest in the Energy or NFT packs and get a continuous return.

ACX is an advertising platform first and then trading second.  If you are wanting to just dunk money in and get a stable return, then yes you will probably lose your expected return rate.  You will not lose your money, you just won’t get it back as quickly as you want.

You have to treat ACX as a business by referring other marketers to it to advertise their websites.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, anything on top of me generating leads for my affiliate marketing business is a bonus.  Having this mentality will ensure that you never lose money.

Conclusion on Ad Click Xpress

At the end of the day, I’ve personally generated anywhere from 60 – 90 leads per month using the Prime Advertising and the ad packs.  In my opinion, this is what the main purpose of this site is.  The revenue sharing from the ad pack, NFT pack, and energy pack purchases is just a bonus if you ask me.  Use the site to advertise your primary business and in doing so, you can passively build up your pack balance.  Over time, this could be a great revenue sharing site but the intent is to use it as a traffic source.

Grab your free account here!

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