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Most people reading this blog part are in affiliate marketing and want to make more sales.  I’m going to cover the 7 critical parts to selling more affiliate products and if you read this post to the end, I’ll share exactly where to get the exact same affiliate marketing tools that I use to get these pieces.

Also, I will use my own personal example of an affiliate product that I am promoting so you can see exactly how I’m applying these same parts to selling my affiliate products.  I’m going off my own personal example and from one of my online mentors who is co-creator of a company called Click Funnels.

I will also share that these strategies are for those who desire to become “super affiliates” and not just for those who want to make a few bucks here and there.  You can also use these same pieces to promote your online business if you are in any type of network marketing, MLM, or direct sales business.  There are many different strategies to make affiliate marketing work, but what I’m sharing here has worked for me.

Create a capture page

The first piece is to create what’s called a capture page.  A capture page can also be referred to as a squeeze page, landing page, opt in form, and etc.  This is simply a website that has a form to collect information such as an email address or phone number from people who visit the site.

Just check out my example of one of my many capture pages that I use to collect leads online.

capture page example
Capture Page Example

The whole idea is to send people to the capture page and have them fill out the form on the website and “opt in” in exchange for the information or access to the product you are promoting.

Create a bridge page

A bridge page is a website with a short video introduction of who you are, a little about you, and why you are recommending the product you are promoting.  A bridge page warms people up to your product, you, and your message.

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  I will post a link to my own example below and as you can see, I wasn’t on camera.  This was created through a tool called Content Samurai.

bridge page example
Bridge Page Example

Build an email list

When your website visitors fill out your capture page form and get redirected to your bridge page, they are also immediately added to your email list.  Maintaining an email list allows you to follow up with people who has filled in the form on your capture page.

Building an email list is the back bone of all affiliate marketing.  When people see your website and they don’t buy anything, this allows you to follow up with that person in the future.  You can send them updates, reminders, or even new related affiliate offers.

A good majority of people will not buy the first time they see your product unless they really need it at the moment.  Having an email list allows you to keep following up until it’s that perfect time for that person to buy.

A targeted email list is one of the best assets an affiliate marketer can have and if maintained well, can pay you over and over again for years to come.  Instead of thinking of making a one-time sale to one customer, think about taking your customer on a journey.  The customer may not buy the first product you recommend, but may like and buy something else you recommend down the line.

Create an offer page

This is another page designed to offer bonuses or special incentives for people to buy whatever you are promoting from you instead of from somewhere or someone else.

Some things you can offer as a bonus for people buying your product are video tutorials, ebooks, online guides, an hour consulting or coaching call, ongoing mentoring, a Facebook group where you offer continued training, and etc.  You are only limited by your imagination here.

Check out my example here.

Create or use the replicated sales page

After people have seen my bridge page and my offer page, that’s when I send them directly to the replicated sales page.  If the product doesn’t have a sales page then I will create one.

I try to only promote affiliate offers that has their own marketing and sales material.  After someone has seen my bridge and offer page, then I will send them directly to the company’s replicated sites.

Create a Soap Opera Series

A soap opera series is simply a 5 day email sequence designed to introduce yourself to your email list and tell your story.  This will separate you from everyone else and cause you to stand out in the email inboxes of the people on your email list.

The idea is to stand out and create a memorable impression in the minds of the people on your email list.  You can only stand out by being yourself.  Some of the things you can share in your Soap Opera Series are who you are, your back story, why you are recommending the products you are promoting, and etc.

I will share at the end of this post where you can get more information and learn how to do this.

Where to get the tools

Where I learned all of this information was mainly from the Expert Secrets book written by Russell Brunson and from the Click Funnels training.  In an earlier post, I talked about how Click Funnels is one of the best places to learn affiliate marketing fast.

I also use programs such as Get Response and Aweber to accomplish building my email lists.

Through this whole post I’ve used my own personal example from one of my main affiliate marketing products.  Combining all of these processes with a straight forward system has allowed me to earn multiple six figures in affiliate marketing.  This isn’t a promise that you will earn the same while executing these strategies, but if you apply them to your affiliate marketing business you will see an increase in your success!

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

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4 thoughts on “7 critical parts to selling affiliate products”

  1. Rob, thank you for this valuable information about how to increase our success as an affiliate marketer!  I am a newbie (going on my second month in to be exact) into my affiliate marketing journey and am thoroughly enjoying it so far.  However, I have not yet created a ‘landing page’ or ‘bridge page’ short video about why I’m promoting the products and tools I currently have on my site.  I will definitely be implementing this thanks to you.  I believe that is crucial information to offer on my site as it will add a more personable experience for my readers.  I am so thankful to have come across your post.  I have saved your link for future reference to follow the steps you suggested.  Thank you for sharing your experience and these golden nuggets!

    • Yes I wish I would have had someone share these tips with me when I first got started.  You have to ask yourself what makes your offers, products, or services different, why should people buy these products and services from you vs every other affiliate out there.  The idea is to create a unique experience that your customers will only get from you which is the main idea behind the capture and bridge pages.  Stay tuned for much more!


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