3 Tools I Use to Prequalify Leads

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In this post, I want to share 3 tools that I use to prequalify leads.  In the past, I would call leads who opted into my websites but have faced a lot of resistance doing that.

Now I use certain tools to prequalify my leads so they know who I am and why I am contacting them.  In most cases, my leads are the ones contacting me.

You want to talk to leads who want to talk to you.  I used to call, text, or message any and everybody who came through my websites.  I’ve found that is not very productive, fun, or effective.  I would also get a lot of people wondering who I am and why I’m contacting them.

Running my leads through these tools puts me in a position of authority, saves me time, and keeps my business fun!  Running my leads through these tools also introduces me to them, introduces my business, and creates a better conversation after the fact.

I’m only talking to people who want to talk to me.

3 tools I use to prequalify leads

What Result I Want to Give You?

By the end of this post, you should have a basic understanding of the 3 tools I use to prequalify leads and how you can incorporate these tools into your own marketing.  You will also see my own examples of using these very same tools at the bottom of this post.

I will also add that these tools are more for affiliate and network marketers.  I find that they are simple to use, easy to setup, and get the job done.  I’ve come across this blog post on “6 Essential Lead Qualification Tools” from Pathmonk and would highly recommend checking out their post.

I will say if you have a brick and mortar business or offer some type of professional service or coaching, to check out Pathmonk’s post.  If you are a simple person into network and affiliate marketing, then read on!

All of these three tools can be used for any business.


3 tools I use to prequalify leads – Textbot AI

Textbot AI allows you to advertise and promote a cell phone number.  People can call or text that number and then they will answer a few questions.  After they answer those questions, you will have a good indicator if that lead is highly interested or not.

I will reach out after people have gone through my Textbot AI script.

Textbot AI will also promote your primary business via text message to all of your leads.  I put my Textbot AI number in all of my social media profiles, at the bottom of my emails and blogs, and anywhere else I can promote a phone number.

I’ll cover more of this in the future when I write up a post on how I use drop cards.

Grab your copy of Textbot AI at this link here!

textbot ai

3 tools I use to prequalify leads – Freedom Finders

I like Freedom Finders because you can use the incentive of a $200 hotel voucher to give away to people who check out your primary business opportunity.  You can also buy clicks right from Google or Bing (right in the back office) and send those clicks directly to your Freedom Finders marketing page.

People will answer a few short questions and you will have a good indicator if the leads are open to hearing about your opportunity.  I put my Freedom Finders link at the bottom of all of my emails with the phrase “Book a call with me” and only people who are interested will click the link and go through the process.

Grab your copy of Freedom Finders at this link here!

3 tools I use to prequalify leads – Free Bot System

The Free Bot System was recently released and is designed to work with Facebook pages.  When people click on your page, your “bot” will go to work asking basic questions (or whatever questions you create) and run people through a script.

When people finish going back and forth with your “bot,” you will know where the leads stand and if they are worth your time reaching out to or not.

The Free Bot System can be customized to ask certain questions and can direct people to different offers or websites you wish.

Grab your copy of Free Bot System here!

3 tools I use to prequalify leads – Strategy

I do a lot of email, social media, and content marketing.  You can see a bird’s eye view of my online marketing plan (link to previous post)

At the bottom of all my content, emails, and correspondence I will have “Text me, book a call, talk to me.” And each of those will be linked to each tool.

What I do is put my Textbot AI number on all of my social media platforms.  I use these tools at the bottom of blog posts, emails, and I incorporate them into a lot of my social media profiles and descriptions.  The main idea is to have these tools to weed out the tire-kickers and time wasters and talk to more people who are actually interested.

The main idea is to only talk to those leads who have expressed interest and have gone through the scripts.  If the lead hasn’t gone through any of the scripts, then I don’t reach out to them.  This keeps my time productive and my business moving in the right direction.  Not everyone with a pulse is a prospect for your business, product, or service.

3 tools to prequalify leads strategy

3 tools I use to prequalify leads – Next Steps

I’d say the next steps are picking a couple of these tools that you are comfortable with and immediately start using them.  This also depends on your primary marketing strategies.

I like having a mix of these tools so I can give people options when they decide to reach out to me.  Some folks will want to text.  Some folks will want to email.  Some folks will actually want to pick up the phone.  Remember, affiliate marketing is a people business!

“People join people they know, like, and trust!”

If this sounds good and you want to work with me on a one to one basis, ~then click here and opt into my personal email list and reach out!

Until next time!

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