2 Simple Places to Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast

Rob Fraser here…

“I want to learn affiliate marketing but I don’t know where to start”affiliate marketing

“There are so many affiliate marketing courses online, how can I know what is good and what to avoid?”

“I want to learn affiliate marketing fast, but I don’t want to waste time going through the bad stuff”

If any of the above statements sounds like you, then understand that you have reached the right place.  In this new blog post and website, I am going to cover 2 simple places to learn affiliate marketing fast and only share what has helped me and changed my life.

Why should you listen to me about learning affiliate marketing?

I spent 12 years in the Marines and ended up leaving active duty because of a life changing divorce.  I wanted to gain more control over my life and found that affiliate marketing offered me a way to make money online without having to spend time doing so.

Now, I will say that I have spent a lot of time, money, and made a lot of mistakes on my journey before I found a level of success.  I will also add an income disclaimer as not everyone will make money in affiliate marketing and most people don’t make any money at all.  Different income examples I may share are my own and I’ve worked hard to attain them and am not guaranteeing that you will do the same!

I don’t say these things to scare you.  I’m sharing them to give you a real understanding of what it takes to earn income through affiliate marketing.  This is not “get rich quick” and “make money online fast,” but I will share where you can learn the basics and where to learn affiliate marketing fast!  Also, if you don’t have an affiliate marketing mentor, then I highly suggest grabbing one ASAP!

Back When I First Started…

I got started working for online income back in late 2010.  I was on my way out of the military and had gotten divorced.  Those 2 major life-altering events is what led me searching for a way to make income without trading time for it.

I loved my time in the military but after my personal life took a major dump, I was ready and wanting to do something else!  I’m sure you can relate while you are reading this, because most people get into affiliate marketing because of some major life events.

When I first started, I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was and just recently started using that term.  I didn’t know about all of the different types of affiliate marketing strategies.  I just knew that I wanted to make money and because of that have wasted so much money buying different courses, products, software, and into programs.  paid off child support

If you want to cut your learning curve and don’t want to waste a lot of money on crap like I did, then keep reading!

Ok, Rob Where Should I Start

After wasting $1000’s and not making any money for about 5 years, I finally “got it” and am going to share what I’ve learned and what has helped me here.

First before anything else, I got a mentor!  This was completely on accident but I found a video from a guy who was a former active-duty Marine (like I was) and watched his video on solo ads.  I followed his training and got some decent results from it.  Since then, I have been closely following the guy online and have made multiple six figures!

If you don’t have a mentor, then bookmark this page and look me up on social media as I am now your mentor!

With all that being said, let’s get to the 2 places to learn affiliate marketing fast!  These 2 places are free (although they do have upsells, the free versions will give you a solid understanding of the basics).

One more thing before I get into the 2 places, is that in my opinion no one program, course, or etc is the catch all, end all, be all.  What I mean by that is that every course and program out there has pros and cons.  What I am attempting to do here is shorten your learning curve as much as possible.

I’m also sharing the best courses and programs that I have found that has helped me along my journey!

Wealthy Affiliate

The very first place I would recommend to learn affiliate marketing fast is Wealthy Affiliate (or WA).  Wealthy Affiliate is a basic online course and, most importantly, a network of people!  There is nothing worse than spending your money to join a program and to still be alone!  I’ve been there 100’s of times!

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to create a blog, get traffic to that blog, and how to monetize that blog.  WA also goes into teaching Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and Bing Ads as different ways of generating traffic.  See some more reasons why I joined Wealthy Affiliate!

What I wished I had learned in the beginning was traffic.  Traffic is simply people looking at your website.  The more traffic you get, the higher the probability that someone will buy something that makes you money.

Click Funnels Free Affiliate Boot-Campboot camp

The second place I would recommend for people to learn affiliate marketing fast has to be the Free Affiliate Boot-Camp from Click Funnels.  This product will teach you the basics of online sales funnels and email marketing.

Having a blog and getting organic traffic to it is one thing, but what WA lacks is sales funnel and email marketing training.  This is why the free affiliate boot-camp is another top recommendation.

The Affiliate boot-camp will teach you all the basics of sales funnels and email marketing.  The bigger idea is to combine blogging with creating sales funnels and email marketing.  Instead of sending people straight away to your blog and then having people click off and never hear from them again, we will use our blog to collect emails from our blog visitors and then to periodically email them from time to time reminding them to check out our blog and our affiliate products and programs!

In fact, if you opt in (put your email address into any of the forms on this website), then you will see exactly how I’m working this same process.  Just having a blog is one thing, but collecting emails and periodically sending out emails promoting your blog and affiliate programs is another thing.

This is a very powerful combination!  There are other methods of generating traffic to your blog, but I will stop here for now as to not get too deep just yet.

I would suggest grabbing your free Wealthy Affiliate account here and also going through the Click Funnels affiliate boot-camp here.

This can seem overwhelming at first but if you just take it day by day, bookmark this blog, look me up on social media, get into my training, subscribe to my Youtube channel, and get on my email list (whew), then just know that we can take it step by step!

Actually, if you just get on my email list, you can see how I work this whole process (and do all of the above steps), by clicking here and putting in your email =)

Keep pressing until next time!

Rob Fraser

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6 thoughts on “2 Simple Places to Learn Affiliate Marketing Fast”

  1. I don’t know what I would do if I owed $79,957 and had to make $834 in monthly payments, I’ll probably go into default and end up in bankruptcy. The fact you got out of that is inspiring. I got into affiliate marketing a few years ago with Wealthy Affiliate and it’s true that it’s a tough way to make money and it takes a lot of time and effort before you see any progress, but once you do it’s the greatest feeling ever because you’ll be making money even while sleeping. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Haha and yes I will say that it wasn’t an easy journey.  The biggest thing is learning how to separate time from money and once I was able to do that, then I was better able to pay down my debt.  I truly believe that affiliate marketing is one of the only ways to create passive income that can help whatever crazy financial situation you may find yourself in.

  2. Hey Rob; I do agree with you that having a mentor is a great asset to Affiliate marketing, because everyone has his own unique learning ability. 

    The trainer or presenter can be the best educator in town, yet not everyone will learn from him or her. having a personal mentor, can fix that problem. as your mentor can identify your weakness and areas of strength and work with you on them for your benefit. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to start learning Affiliate marketing. From what I am hearing from those in email Marketing;I think WA would be of better help to its members if email marketing in introduced into the course.


    • I agree!  Perhaps also have some in house designers to spruce up things and make them more visually appealing.  However, the basics are taught here and all we need to do is execute and adjust along the way.  In the Marines, we called that “shooting from the hip” or adjusting on the fly.  Wishing you much success!

  3. In no time in recent history has the need to learn how to earn from home been more relevant than now because the world is going through a stage where so many nations are forced to quarantine and declare state of emergencies that keep people at home restricting movements.

    Its is indeed a priceless skill timely delivered with the best recommendations. So glad to have found your article because i fully resonate with you on the recommendations you have made on the 2 best simple places to learn affiliate marketing online. I had also experienced the many lessons and heartaches that came with purchasing over priced programs online that do not deliver on the promises made before i also accidentally stumbled on wealthy affiliate and i am so grateful for the progress i have made from the training in i am receiving on the platform so far.

     I have also been curious about click funnels and really had no idea how to get started until i just read your article. Thank you so much for this gift you have shared i already bookmarked your website so that i can follow closely and learn more also i have added my email to your mailing list. You are indeed a mentor! Cheers!

    • Thank you so much!  I truly appreciate the words!  After being beat up in affiliate marketing for years, it has been my intention to shorten the learning curve for people who trust me enough to join any of the affiliate programs I recommend.  It can be a rough path sometimes, but there are few people out there still showing the way!  Wishing you much success!


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