OMG! The Best Complete Online Affiliate Marketing Plan Ever!

complete online affiliate marketing plan

Rob Fraser here… In this post, I want to share an overview of my complete online affiliate marketing plan.  I’m writing this to explain to my team and to new people coming across my content how I work my different affiliate marketing opportunities and businesses.  This is a more detailed update from my daily online … Read more

An Introduction to My Daily Online and Offline Traffic Getting Plan

Rob Fraser here… In this post, I want to share my daily traffic getting plan as of January 2022.  I used to just rely on content marketing, but that can be a slow process.  If you are interested in purely content marketing, then I’d suggest checking out Content Marketing Strategy: Getting Results Online and Offline … Read more

My Complete Offline Marketing Strategy for 2021

Offline marketing strategy

Rob Fraser here… I have been focusing a lot of my online marketing practices, but today I wanted to put out my complete offline marketing strategy for 2021 and beyond.  The strategies I’m going to share in this blog post are things that I’m currently doing and have gotten results from.  Keep in mind that … Read more

Is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021

Use safelists in 2021

Rob Fraser here… I’m writing this post to answer the question of is it really worth it to use safelists in 2021.  I’ve used safelists in the past but haven’t been super consistent at using them.  Lately, I’ve started using them again with a vengeance and in this post, I’ll share my thoughts on if … Read more

Multiple Income Funnel Review – Plus Top 5 MIF Affiliates

Multiple Income Funnel Review

Rob Fraser here… I’m writing this post to share how you can learn high ticket affiliate marketing with the Multiple Income Funnel system.  I also share the top 5 Multiple Income Funnel affiliates near the bottom of this post. In affiliate marketing (or anything else for that matter), if you get around other people who … Read more

3 Tools I Use to Prequalify Leads

3 Tools I Use To Prequalify Leads

Rob Fraser here… In this post, I want to share 3 tools that I use to prequalify leads.  In the past, I would call leads who opted into my websites but have faced a lot of resistance doing that. Now I use certain tools to prequalify my leads so they know who I am and … Read more

How to Create Your Own Online Marketing Plan

Rob Fraser here… When I first started in online marketing, I didn’t know that it was a thing.  I just wanted to make money online and little did I know that this journey would take me over some high highs and some low lows. Not having a basic strategy to continuously execute on kept me … Read more

Beginners Guide to Traffic and Leads for Affiliate Marketing on LinkedIn

Rob Fraser here… In this post, I’m going to share how to start getting unlimited traffic and free leads from the social media platform Linked In for beginners.  What I’m going to share can and does apply to any other social media platform, but for the sake of simplicity am going to focus on Linked … Read more